News & Pictures 2012
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Jan. 5, 2012: Emma has a new pair of roller skates!
Jan. 4, 2012: Julia and her new pair of shoes!
Jan. 8, 2012: Scott & Tammy's house at dawn. Awesome!
Feb. 3, 2012: Military news from Brad & Michele--They will be making their last military move this summer to Pennsylvania. It is a small city between Harrisburg and Hershey. It's about 3 hours east of where they lived before. Brad will be their new Group Superintendent. He will be traveling quite a bit, even to Europe!

Both Bradley and Brian were promoted on the same day! Per Brad on Facebook, "Brad put on TSgt (E6) and Brian put on E5!"

Bradely has five more months to serve in Korea. He will then go to Italy where Valerie can joing him. Brian is getting ready to leave for his deployment to Afghanistan in a couple of weeks.
Thanks for the updates and thank you all for your service to our country! Love you guys.
Jan. 15, 2012: Wes playing ice hockey for Miami University in college tournaments.
Feb. 5, 2012: At our Super Bowl party, Katie surprised us with her 'Baby Bump' shirt!!! Thanks for making us grandparents & great grand-parents! They are due in early October. Congratulations!!!
Feb. 12, 2012: Tiffany celebrating her birthday and showing off her upcoming 'birth day!' Looking good, Tiffany!
Feb. 11, 2012: Kindra dipping her toes in the ocean during a recent trip to Florida!
Feb. 18, 2012: Mike & Jill at his birthday dinner at our house. You can see Grandma Dell in the window!
Feb. 20, 2012: Julia in a tree! She & Will spent four days with us during their school break.
Feb. 27, 2012: Email from Scott: "With my 5-digit royalty check in hand, I took my family out to dinner tonight to celebrate. We chose O'Charley's. We five had a great time and a wonderful dinner. We also spent half of my earnings! Oh yeah, 2 of the 5 figures were after the decimal point!"

Scott, at least you are not a 'starving artist!' You're just a great one and great person. Everyone would agree with your mother!
Mar. 19, 2012: Here is the sonogram of Jimmy and Tiffany's baby due in August. It's a BOY and his name is Lincoln James Pucillo. He looks like such a handsome lad already. We can't wait to meet him!!!
Mar. 26, 2012: Here is Tiffany and Jimmy future home in N Olmsted! They are closing on it soon. It's within walking distance to Aly and Amanda's! I'll email address when I get it. Nice digs, kids. Lincoln will love it!
Mar. 27, 2012: Scott took Julia to work with him and Tammy sent me the picture. Later, Scott wrote: "Check this out--today Julia came to work with me, it's Joe's half birthday, and it is the 26th anniversary of the day I met Tammy. LIFE IS GOOD!"

Amen to that, Scott!
March, 2012: (Swiped from Brad's Facebook) Michele and I had a great week in South Dakota! We went to the Mammoth Site, Horse Sanctuary, Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and Wind Cave. We also rented a bike for a day and went to the Badlands, Wall Drug, Sturgis, and De3adwood. It was a very relaxing and fun trip!
March, 2012: Happy 2nd Birthday, Joey! Looks like a wonderful party and delicious cake that your Mom made. Hope you got lots of presents!
March, 2012: Will and Julia spent four days during their Spring break. The picture on the left looks evil but we were playing Go Fish and they were drinking root beer! On the right is what I looked like after Julia styled my hair!
March, 31, 2012: Kindra took Julia for a man- pedi plus out to lunch at Applebee's. This was Julia's Christmas present. They had a blast. It may become an annual gift. Looking good, girls!
March, 31, 2012: Hank and I at Jill and Mike's celebrating my birthday. Awesome evening!
April 8, 2012: Easter at Scott and Tammy's! I have been nominated for the DS Award for walking through the screen door thinking it was open! They made me do this reenactment!

Here's the Easter group!!!
April 8, 2012: Easter! Julia 'styled' Katie's hair with a round brush and it only took 5 people and 30 minutes to untangle it. Katie was a good sport and Julia was repentent!
April 8, 2012: A little game of basketball 'horse' but there were so many players, we played 'pig.' Wes was the winner with Chris being second. A good time was had by all!
April 13, 2012: Alex emailed me this picture and wrote: "Just wanted to thank you for Emma's card. She loves to get mail. Here's a picture of her opening your card. Hope you like it. Thanks again."

Emma turned 3 today. Happy Birthday Emma!

April 13, 2012:
Julia and Scott attended the annual Father-Daughter Dance. Looks like somebody had a good time. Tammy sold carnations at the dance to raise money for the DJ.
April 19, 2011: Julia playing her first game of volleyball. Per Tammy, they only had three practices and did fantastic. Go, Julia!

April, 2012: Dan and Jenny on their trip to Riveria Maya. They have posted many pictures on Facebook too. Looks like a wonderful vacation!

April 23, 2012: Zak and his friend Justin whose company is Gladstone Landscaping did our mulch and made our landscaping look absolutely beautiful. Thanks, guys!

April, 25, 2012: Another picture I swiped from Facebook. Alex looks like he's having a great time at the Reds game!

April, 21, 2012: Alyssa celebrates her 6th birthday with a beautiful cake and gifts. You're getting to be a big girl, Alyssa!

May 6, 2012: Scott made Will into Charlie Brown, so Will made Scott Mario, then Scott made Daniel Groucho, and then Wes made himself Joey Votto! What a strange family!

May 5, 2012: The super moon from Katie & Chris's backyard on the night of her graduation party!


May, 2012: Aly and Amanda took Sher to see the comedian from the Howard Stern Show for her birthday!

May 6, 2012: Katie's graduation day from Northern Kentucky University. Congratulations, Katie!

Two pictures swiped from Facebook!

--> Amanda and her mini-me Alyssa!

<--Amy & Tiffany.

May 2012: Sue & Scott on their month-long cruise and trip. This picture was taken in Kotor, Montenegro on the Adriatric Sea. They started with an 8-day cruise across the Atlantic! Scott relaxing and Sue eating. Looks like they had a very great time!

May 17, 2012: Katie sent this and said, "Our baby girl's face!" She looks adorable already!

May 19, 2012: Jimmy & Tiffany moved into their first home today. Picture below!

May 10-21, 2012: Jill and Mike just returned from their fabulous trip. They flew to San Francisco, drove down the Pacific Coast highway visiting all the wonderful towns along the way. After visiting Los Angeles, they drove to Las Vegas where Katie, Chris, and Jill's friends and Mike's family members joined them. Click here for more photos.

May 21, 2012: Lisa and Alex downtown for the Reds Game. Happy Birthday Alex!

Katie & Chris in Vegas. Jill in Hollywood. Below, Mike and Jill whale watching (and they did see a whale), and Mike eating a tiny lobster!

June 3, 2012: Click here to see how Amy celebrated her 51st birthday. Way to go, Amy!

May, 2012: This is Brad's final Air Force picture after 30 years of service. They are also moving to PA. Almost retirement time!

June, 2012: Julia, Miranda, Scott, Tammy, Will, and Julie enjoying Myrtle Beach! They went to Max and Miranda's high school graduation. Looks like they all had a great time!


Julia, Tammy, and giant Will enjoying the beach!

June, 2012: Julia wearing her cousin Miranda's cap and gown!

Info from Brad: Bradley is on his way home from Korea. He will be at his folks in early July & Amanda will join them. He then goes to Italy in July. Brian will be visiting with Brad and Michele in September. Stay safe, all of you! Brad and Michele are moving back to PA.

I thought that Tiffany and Katie were starting a new family trend giving city names to their babies--Lincoln and Brooklyn (Brooke). However, I did a little research and found the following: Amanda, OH; Alexander, AR; Thomas, WV; Nancy, KY; Bradley, IL & TN; Bart, PA; Henry, IN & GA; Sandy, UT; Brent, AL & FL; Joseph, OR; Katie, OK (Kathleen, GA); Zachary, LA; and Susan, VA!

IT'S GOING TO BE A GIRL FOR KATIE & CHRIS!!!!! THINK PINK!!!!! They chose the name Brooke for her name. See you soon, Brooke!

June 9, 2012: Movie night ON the Hannigs' house. Over the Hedge projected on the side of their house with popcorn and drinks provided a fun night for the neighborhood kids!


Bart caught a great walleye at Lake Erie. Nice job, Bart!

June 29, 2012: Julia and her new Adidas shoes!

June 24, 2012: Jennifer, Sher, Nancy, Amy, Tiffany, and Aly at Tiffany's baby shower. Looks like Tiffany is ready-to-go!

June, 2012: Email from Sue on 6/20: We went to the governor's mansion in Jackson, MS this morning a few minutes early so I asked this lady on the street if she knew where the Capitol was and she gave us directions, and then she introduced herself as the First Lady. She was Debbie Bryant, the governor's wife! She was ADORABLE!

Email from Sue on 6/23 to me and others: We had a great vacation in Cincinnati for the Sis & Tuck Buening Annual Golf Outing and dining with friends, then to St. Louis to visit aunts and uncles, then to see the capitols of Mississippi and Florida, then Ocala to visit friends.  This is a picture of of Debbie Bryant, the Mississippi governor's wife.

June 24, 2012: This looks like Sher's gift to Tiffany!               Amy's 51st birthday celebration!                              Sher's 52nd birthday celebration!
Click here to access all of Sher's photos of the shower, the birthday celebrations, the dogs, and their home project. Thanks, Sher!

July 7, 2012: Bradley is visiting his folks in their new digs in PA. Amanda also joined in the family reunion. Jim & Sher have visited and Tom and Nancy are going soon. Good luck Bradley in your new assignment!

July 6, 2012: This is Scott's hand but he is having surgery Tuesday. He broke it when we were shooting off fireworks and one fell over and the parachute & chutist hit his had. Get better soon, Scott!

July 10, Scott after surgery relaxing on his couch. He is having physical therapy on Thursday.

July 11, Scott playing Whiffleball the day after surgery. He sure must love the game!

July 11, 2012: Facebook entry from Bradley: "Holy crap, I'm in Italy--in Aviano, Friuli-Venezia, Giulia."

Stay safe Bradley.

July, 15, 2012: Emma & Lisa at Kings Island!

July , 2012: Here are two pictures of the kids from Camp Grandma's week. Wes was able to come for two days and Daniel for four days (and I appreciate that). The camp journal is posted on the Camp Grandma's page. Click here for photos. Thanks for another great year!

July 21, 2012: We celebrated Tammy & Scott's birthday together. Click here to see more pictures that Kindra took. The first one you will see is my gnomes in my fountain. Katie had put them there (she hates gnomes) and said they committed suicide.
July 24, 2012: Scott had painted presidental portraits on the elementary school in Miamisburg but they remodeled so now they are paying Scott to paint them on the new wall. Click here for all the pictures to date.

July 25, 2012: Julia's 10th birthday! Click here to see additional pictures.
July 29, 2012: Brad's email said, "Going down the dragon."

July 31, 2012: Announcement from Aly's boss at 92.3 the Fan.
"We are happy to anounce our new WKRK Traffic Person is Alyson Tiller! As most of you know, Alyson has been our National Sales Assistant for the past year and a half. She has excelled in that position and gained valuable knowledge of our IBS Traffic system. As NSA, Alyson has shown grace under pressure by meeting deadlines, handling last minute changes and juggling many projects at the same time--all traits that will help her become a great traffic manager. Alyson won't officially begin her traffic duties until sometime around the 14th as we need to begin the process of recruiting and training a new National Sales Assistant. Please join me in congratulating Alyson on her new position!"

Congratulations, Aly!!!

July 31, 2012: Click here to see Scott being interviewed on TV about painting the presidential portraits at Kinder School.

Will in 2006 and in 2012 helping his Dad.

Aug. 4, 2012: Will and his friend Molly recreated a picture of themselves when they were about 3. Too cute!
Aug. 5, 2012: Two pictures from Katie's shower. Click here for Kindra's pictures and here for Tammy's. Thank you ladies!
Aug. 12, 2012: Welcome to the world, Lincoln James Pucillo! Lincoln weighed 8 lbs., 13 oz., and was 19 1/2" long. Facebook has been abuzz with comments and photos and good wishes. If you think these parents look proud, I can only imagine what the grandparents and great-grandparents look like!

Lincoln came home from the hospital wearing a Onesie that Aunt Sher and Uncle Jim gave him. How adorable is that?

Aug. 14, 2012: We celebrated Grandma Del's 94th birthday at Olive Garden. There were almost 40 people in attendance. Click here to see Tammy's pictures and here for Kindra's.
Aug. 16, 2012: Brian posted: "As if dodging bullets and IED's wasn't enough, now I have to worry about bee stings as well." Get well, Brian!

Four generations! Father Jimmy holding son Lincoln, Grandma Amy. and Great-Grandpa Tom!


Aug. 18, 2012: Emma and her friend the butterfly!

Aug. 18, 2012: Click here to see Lincoln in action!

Aug. 18, 2012: Kindra and Brent saying good-bye to Wes as he gets ready to go to Miami University to start his sophmore year. Good luck, Wes!
Aug. 23, 2012: Daniel on his first day of his senior year at Lakota East. Guess school starts early--looks pretty dark! Good luck D!
Aug. 26, 2012: Scott invited us to the dedication of Kinder School where he repainted all of the presidents. We had a wonderful time. 'Grilliam' grilled pork chops for dinner afterwards. Hank bought these t-shirts for Will and Julia and Tammy emailed us this picture after we left. Here is a link to photos from the dedication. Thanks, guys!
Aug. 28, 2012: Alyssa's first day of school as a first grader! You look all ready for it, Alyssa. Hope your first day was great.
Aug. 22, 2012: Will and Julia's first day of school. Click here to see more photos of Julia's first day.
Aug. 29, 2012: Sher  in New York to be a guest on Howard Stern's Super Fan Round Table on Sirius radio. Aly accompanied her. They rode the Megabus to NYC!
Aug. 29, 2012: Bart changed Lincoln's diaper. It was the first time in his life he ever did it. Looks like Lincoln approved!
Sept. 1, 2012: Click here to see photos Jill took for Zak's, Katie's, Scott, and Tammy's birthday parties.
Sept. 2, 2012: As you know, Jim and Sher were in a head-on collision while they were on their way home from Amy and Bart's Labor Day cookout. Jim had 9 broken ribs and Sher had a broken finger and multiple bruises. All the family members have been so helpful with everything they need.

Hopefully they will be healed soon and back to normal living. God Bless you guys!
Scott, Tammy, Will, and Julia drove to Connecticut over Labor Day weekend to surprise their niece Jillian, at her baby shower. How nice was that?
Sept. 1, 2012: Every year for Mother's Day, Brent & Kindra give Nan and I free golf with Wes and Daniel. This year, Hank, Brent, Kindra, and Nelson joined us--their treat. The oldest generation paid for lunch at Sky Galley where we watched Mitt Romney and company fly to their next destination. It was a great day! Click here for additional golf pictures.
Sept. 26, 2012: Lisa posted this picture of Emma on Facebook with this caption:

"Jungle Jim's was AWESOME! They even have little Mexican children!! LOL"

What a cutie you are, Emma. Thanks for the picture Lisa!
Sept. 27, 2012: Joe celebrated his 20th birthday with his family at the Reds game. Click here for more photos of his birthday.
Sept. 30, 2012: It looks like the whole N Olmsted gang, including Bradley on leave, went to Dewey's for some yummy pizza! Aly posted a video on Facebook of her eating an anchovy and winning $50.00 from her grandpa. Click here to check it out!
Sept. 30, 2012: A special thank you to Brent, Wes, and Daniel. They made three trips here to power wash our deck, sand it, and today coat it. Thank you all so much!
Sept. 30, 2012: Come out, come out, wherever you are Brooke! Hang in there Katie!
Oct. 2, 2012: Zak is in Israel. He wrote on Facebook: "Behind me is Armageddon. I'm on the cliff where the people of Nazareth tried to throw Jesus down (unsuccessfully due to his awesomeness!)"
Oct. 6, 2012: Tiffany and Lincoln enjoying some Halloween festivities. Looking adorable you two!


Oct. 5, 2012: Lincoln wearing a gift from his Grandma Amy!
Oct. 6, 2012: Katie bursting at the seams.


Oct. 8, 2012: Siding is completed on our house. It looks wonderful!
Oct. 2012: Somebody looks VERY happy!

What was so funny, Lincoln?
Oct. 14, 2012: Brooke joined the world at 12:47 a.m. weighing in at 7 lbs, 15 oz, and 20 1/2 inches long. Click here to see Jill's pictures and here to see Tammy's pictures.

Uncle Zak rocking Brooke a few hours later.

More pics to follow of course. Everyone is doing fine. Thanks for all the kind words and congratulations.

Oct. 16, 2012: Brooke is dressed and ready to go home. Click here for Kindra's pictures and here for my pictures.
Oct. 20, 2012: What a happy baby Lincoln is at his great-grandparents' house. He must have heard one of Tom's old jokes but it was new to him!
Oct. 2012: Emma looking like a queen at a pumpkin festival. Have fun trick or treating Emma!
Oct. 26, 2012: Scott has received two letters from former presidents for Kinder School. Click on each picture to read their letters. Click here to read the letter he wrote. Good job, Scott.
Oct. 2012: Emma as Strawberry Shortcake, Wes in a toga, and Jennifer doing unspeakable things! Halloween is here for sure. Good costumes guys!!!
Oct. 2012: Lincoln and Julia in their Halloween costumes.
Oct. 31, 2012: Clown Joey who loves his papaw!
Oct. 31, 2012: Casey as the killer from Scream and Alyssa as Jessie the Cowgirl from Toy Story!
Oct. 2012: Kindra, her Mom Nan, and Kindra's friend Reva in Carlsbad, NM.
Nov. 2, 2012: Brooke who is now 3 weeks old and growing rapidly.
Nov. 10, 2012: Brad posted these pictures of Bradley and Brian with this caption: "Buening boys serving proudly."

Thank you all for your service to our country.
Nov. 10, 2012: We celebrated Jill's 50th and Brent's 51st birthday.  Scott didn't want to feel left out so he crept into the picture! We got a pretty wonderful picture of five generations--Hank's Mom (94), Hank (74), Jill (50), Katie (23), and Brooke (1 month). Click here for Tammy's pictures, here for Kindra's, and here for mine.
Sweet dreams!
Nov 11, 2012: Jennifer posted the full family picture on Facebook so I chose this one of Brian's visit and harrassment! Jennifer, Aly, Brian, Amanda, and Nancy are having one great time. Thanks Brian for your service. Stay safe.
Amy and Bart's cutie Tiki! Amy says her face is so dark they can't see it when they're next to her.
Nov 18, 2012: The battle of the cuties! On your left, Lincoln at his grandma & grandpa's! On your right, Brooke before and after the Bengals game. As an unbiased judge, I declare a tie!
Jill and Mike celebrated Jill's 50th birthday in the Florida Keys. They had a wonderful vacation but are happy to be home holding Brooke again!

Gladstone House, Zak's Church, is hosting their Christmas party on Sunday, December 16th at 6:00 pm. All are invited.
Nov 22, 2012: Thanksgiving! The DeZarns on your left and five generations (again) on your right. Hope everyone had as much fun as we all did!
Nov 23, 2012: Casey and Joey resting while their dad chops down their Christmas tree.

Emma shushing Santa. Bet he ho-ho-ho'd at that!
Nov 23, 2012: My Christmas tree helpers the day after Thanksgiving.
Dec. 2, 2012: Looks like everyone is cutting down their own trees this year. Did Emma help Lisa? Did Alex? :)

Brooke is ready for the Bengals game!
Dec. 6, 2012: Scott received his presidential letter from Barack Obama. Click on his picture to see what he wrote to the students of Kinder School.
Dec. 15, 2012: Brooke is telling Julia that she is enjoying her first Buening Christmas party and is happy that everyone likes to hold her.
Dec. 15, 2012: Casey, Joey, Alyssa, Julia, and Emma with Sher and Brooke in the background.
Dec. 15, 2012: "Uncle Scott, your tie is so loud it's keeping me awake!"
Dec. 15, 2012: Will led the kids in the annual 'slide down the stairs' game!
Dec. 15, 2012: Great-grandparents Nancy & Tom seem happy to be here with all the chaos going on.
Dec. 15, 2012: Emma enjoys a piggyback ride from Will and mom Lisa opens her gift in the gift exchange while Amanda looks on. Click here to see Tammy's pictures and here for Kindra's pictures.
Dec. 16, 2012: --> Happy Lincoln!!!

We attended Zak's Gladstone House Christmas party for dinner, family photos, and Christmas carols.. Zak showing off Brooke; the ladies; and Katie, Chris, and Brooke's photo.
Dec. 22, 2012: Lincoln with Santa and Brooke looking at her Mom! Isn't it fun watching them grow up before our very eyes. I'm so thankful for Facebook and even the ability to do this web site. Keep the pictures coming!
Earlier this year, Daniel was chosen to present one work of his art at the Xavier Art Exhibit. His piece was called Frolf. It was a miniature of a basket for Frisbee Golf. Good job, Daniel! Click here for additional photos.

Below is what Daniel made for his Mom for Christmas!
Dec. 23, 2012: Here's another baby--Amy and Bart's baby Tiki, dressed to the nines! Merry Christmas Tiki!
CHRISTMAS 2012!!! There were probably over 1,000 photos taken at everyone's Christmas gatherings and many are on Facebook and Snapfish. So I chose the two families that made this Christmas so special--Jimmy and Tiffany & Katie and Chris. Thank you for blessing us with Lincoln and Brooke. Each Christmas will just get better and better! Here are the links I have for additional pictures: Kindra's 12/24 - Kindra's 12/25Tammy's 12/24Tammy's 12/25!
Dec. 26, 2012: Bradley and Amanda in Venice, Italy (see her Facebook for more pictures).

Dec. 29, 2012: Aunt Jenny with Lincoln.

Dec. 28, 2018: Brooke studying her new-found hands!

What a wonderful year 2012 was!!!.