Bradley's Story
Bradley is currently in Saudi Arabia. Hopefully he will send more pictures so we can see what he is seeing. We wish you well, Bradley, and please come home safely.
Thank you for serving our country!
Email info from Bradley to Sher: We built this location for the nomads that were running through the desert. But they didn't want it. They didn't have a place for their camels. So we use it now. We have two gyms. But they're both close by. The internet is always acting up so I never know if you get my emails and pictures. Info to me: I'm here until mid-December. Yesterday was my two month here mark. I'm the only one here in my career field, so it's sometimes busy, but I make my own schedule and do my own thing, which is nice. My main responsibilities are the food and water testing on the base. We have a few eating establishments here so I inspect them all to ensure they are operating those within regs. Whe we get shipments of food, I have to be there to ensure everything we get is good. The hardest part is the language barrier. Only a few have military personnel in charge there, and the test are from other countries. Some speak pretty good English, some not so good. I test the water as well. I also do medical surveillance, which includes tracking trends and issues with the patients we see and ensure proper follow up is done. During exercises or if something bad does happen, I work in the Emergency Operation Center, where I will inform the Commander of all things medical. I work six days a week, but I'm always on call. Thanks for the email. It's always nice to get messages.
Their defensive fighting moat around their villas in case the Black Knight and his army try to attack.

Bradley watching a cooking pig!
Bradley and his gas mask.

Sand storm coming in.
Bradley ready for war. In his words, "Damn, I'm handsome!"

Don't ya love the Keep Off Grass sign?
Their gyms and a stop sign (with two dudes in a canoe).
Bradley send these pictures with this message: "We had a Sports Day for Labor Day. We entered the Tug O War and Dodgeball contests. It was fun, something different than the same old routine. We were only out in the sun for 3 hours and I got burnt. It's getting a little cooler. The highs are still in the low 110's but at night, it's in the mid 80's, and surprisingly, it feels real good. We had the windows opened last night watching football. Ramadan just ended here.
Bradley send these pictures (9/15/10) with this message (shortened): "So we went downtown yesterday. (to Rihadh). The traffic is worse than any other big city you can imagine. Pretty much any paved surface is fair game. People will not yield, will not let you pull out in front of them, blow their horn every 2 seconds, park anywhere that's paved, crazy.

Shortly after we got there, the giant voice started singing so they had to shut down their shops for prayer. You'd see stairwells going downstairs, and the stairs were just covered with shoes. The restaurants have separate entrances for families, singles, and women. The people are pretty friendly. I think some of the younger people are a little more Westernized and are cool with us, but some of the old timers look like they're giving you the eye.

We ate at this Turkish restaurant. The food was ok. The glasses were dirty and I picked out a couple of other things that I would write up at a food facility on base. But it cost about $52 for the five of us. Had a Turkish beer but it was non alcoholic. I wanted to get more pictures, but then I just look like a tourist. Here are some of city traffice and dirtyness, some alley with shops, the restaurant, some people, a t-shirt and shop sign I laughed at, and some others. Hope everyone is well!
Oct. 2010: Bradley in Riyahd. It's cooling off a bit but still in the 90's. He hopes to leave in about 7 weeks. Thanks, Bradley!
Dec. 16, 2010: When Bradley returned home from Saudi Arabia, this is the sign that greeted him. Welcome home, Bradley, and thank you for your service to our country.
Feb. 2011: Bradley now has orders to go to Korea. He has to be there in July and will stay for one year. He is also on Facebook!

Good luck, Brad!
June 18, 2011: Bradley sent an email to various family members. Click here to read the text of his message. He said he will send pictures soon. Stay safe, Bradley!
June 23, 2011: In an email from Michele, she states:  "Bradley made Technical Sergeant! You may remember he tested earlier this year after a lot of studying, and the results were just posted today. It's a great promotion and we are so proud and happy for him."

There are multiple comments and congratulations on his Facebook page. Keep up the good work, Bradley. We all also so proud of you!
Oct., 2011: Click here to read Bradley's latest adventures in Timor Leste, an island in the Indonesian island chains north of Australia. These three pictures are from that journey. Well done, Bradley!
Jan., 2012: Bradley is in North Korea! There are more pictures on his Facebook, too. The picture on the right is a memorial near the Bridge of No Return. Stay safe, Bradley!