Brian's Story
Brad sent me this email about Brian: "Brian got promoted to Specialist (E-4) this month. They only promoted one person in his unit and it came down to him and one other guy. They chose Brian because he had a higher PT score and he qualified as expert with his weapon. He said he hopes to be leaving where he is now soon but not sure where he will be going but the living conditions will be better."

Thank you Brad for keeping us informed. And THANK YOU Brian for serving. As always, stay safe!
Brad sent me this information about Brian along with many pictures. Brad and Michele drove 14 hours to Ft. Riley, Kansas, to secretly meet Brian coming home from Iraq. Brian also had some pictures from there. When they arrived, they had all the family members gather in a hangar. While they were sitting there, they had two huge screens showing the troops getting off the bus and going through an in-processing station. Once they got to the hangar, they all formed up as pictured. Brian didn't know they were there but then saw us in the stands and we could see a big smile come across his face. They released everyone and spent the weekend with him. The post made the 'Welcome Home' signs for everyone. Brian got a new dorm room where he has his own room and shares a kitchen/bathroom with one other person. Fort Riley is very historic so some of the pictures are some of the buildings that date from the 1800's to the early 1900's. We also went to a concert called the Country Stampede together. Brian will stay in Fort Riley until November and then he goes to Germany. He may have time to visit Brad and Michele and maybe Cleveland. Thank you Brad, for the information and pictures, and thank you Brian for serving!
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August, 2010: Brian came to North Olmsted for a whirlwind visit. Jim and Sher hosted a cookout and decorated their street and yard with tons of flags! As you can see, the cake is pretty awesome too. Above, Jimmy, Amanda, Brian, Aly, and Jennifer have some good-natured fun. On the left, it looks like Brian and Sher and are ready to visit the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. His stay was too short, according to Sher.

Take care Brian and many, many thanks. And keep sending us pictures to share. Love you!
Brian is doing great in Germany. He supervises 7 people and is doing well in his job. He will be there for at least two years. He is enjoying seeing Germany and trying the different beers. Thanks for this info, Brad.

Thanks for your service to our country, Brian.
Feb, 2012: Brian is now SGT Buening and is now serving in Afghanistan. Hopefully his deployment will not be too long.
Feb, 2013: Brian in Afghanistan but now he is in Germany. Thank you Brian!