News & Pictures 2010
Jan. 1, 2010: Happy New Year! Daniel and Wes
celebrating the new year!
Jan. 12, 2010: Will and Julia snow painting!
Jan. 17, 2010: Daniel, Julia, Will, and Wes. The four
of them spent quality time at our house!!!
Jan. 16, 2010: Wes's 17th birthday! He and Daniel
stayed from Friday til Sunday. Will and Julia stayed
from Saturday til Monday. Love you guys!
Jan. 19, 2010: Emma doing her new thing
which is 'snorting!' A girl just needs to blow
off steam sometimes.
Jan. 1, 2010: Brian in
can't tell you that
often enough.
Jan. 31, 2010: Julia pulled the all time high
score in Wii bowling. it must have shocked
Jan. 31, 2010: Wes was a good sport and let
Julia give him a make over.
Feb. 5, 2010: Joe and Will
opened their 2000 time
capsules this snowy night.
They repacked them to be
opened again at a later date.
Julia is putting together a
time capsule for herself too.
I wonder how the world will
be the next time they open
their time capsules!
Feb. 5, 2010:
Congratulations to Wes
who landed a job at
Campionis Pizza Place on
State Route 42 in Mason.
He starts his training next
week. Good job, Wes!
Feb. 12, 2010: Info from
Brad--On Friday, Hill AFB
had the ceremony for the
six of us who got promoted
to chief. The ceremony is a
formal gathering where the
current chiefs (about 30 at
Hill AFB) accept the new
chiefs into the rank. We all
invited family, friends,
co-workers, and supervisors.
The candle ceremony was
representative to the
different ranks we went
through on the journey to

Feb. 16, 2010: I had to add these snow pictures even though they aren't very exciting, because
Cincinnati just set a new record for the most snow in February. Our mailbox is almost buried and the
snow is higher than my shrubs.
Feb. 11, 2010:Will and Julia painted
Reagan and Lincoln in honor of
President's Day. Nice job!
Feb. 13, 2010: King Mike enjoys his 49th
birthday dinner while Julia watches!
Feb. 27, 2010: Bubba Bear and Kid
enjoying all the snow!
Mar. 7, 2010: Daniel and
Wes spent the night and in
the morning, we awoke to
our yard being full of
flamingos. We had been
'flocked!' It was a
fund-raiser for the Turpin
High girls' softball team.
Too hilarious!
Mar. 20, 2010: Kandi
(Carboy) and Joane
(Fancher). Click
here to
see the other pictures.
Mar. 23, 2010: Meet the
newest family member!
Joseph (Joey) Raymond
Hamby, born March
23rd, weighing 8 lbs., 11
oz., and 21" long! Joey is
welcomed by Dad Randy,
Mom Sara, and big
brother Casey. Welcome
April, 2010: Happy 1st
Birthday, Emma!
The Scott & Tammy family had a rough week. On March 30th, Joey
had his four wisdom teeth pulled and on April 3rd, their ove
n door
exploded! Hope the upcoming weeks are rosier!
April 4, 2010-EASTER: Things DID get rosier! Will won $50 on a lottery ticket.
The kids all helped me celebrate my 69th birthday. Good company and good
eating on one beautiful day.
Easter, 2010! The egg hunt was fun for all! Click
here for more of Tammy's pictures and here for
Russell Shore, the
last child of Ira and
Elsie Shore, died
April 2, 2010. Rest
in Peace, Uncle
April 17, 2010:
Katie's bridal
shower. Megan,
Katie, and
April 17, 2010:
Katie's bridal shower.
Katie with a virgin
pina colada and Katie
opening up her
Mom's gifts of
seasonal decorations.
here for
Kindra's pictures,
here for Tammy's,
here for mine. It
was a wonderful
shower for family
and friends!
April 22, 2010: Daniel get his temps! Way to go,
Daniel. That's makes 5 out of 7 of our grandchildren
who drive!
April 23, 2010: Joe and
Brittany attend Senior Prom!
May 1, 2010: Julia with
her artwork that was
displayed at Miamisburg
High School.
April 22, 2010: Julia (on right) with other daughters at
Babies R Us. It was Take Your Children to Work Day!
April 22, 2010: Julia
looks like she's the
boss at Babies R Us
during Take Your
Children to Work Day!
May 3, 2010: Joe and school mates leaving for
the Big Apple! Julia is there to wish him well.
May, 2010: Sher
and her two boys!
Her friends Debbie
and Chip had her
car 'pimped' for
her 50th birthday.
Sher says her 50th
is the best birthday
May 9, 2010:
Joe, me,
Scott, Jill,
and Daniel
on Mother's
Amy sent these pictures of Bart at the surprise party she threw for him to celebrate the end of his
radiation and of Sher at her 50th birthday party. Thanks, Amy!
May 17, 2010: Joe meets announcer Jim Day at
the Reds game when all the family attended.
May 29-30, 2010: Joe's
graduation from Miamisburg
High School. Joe with
Tammy and Scott and with
three of his four grandmas.
here for all the
June 18, 2010: Katie & Chris DeZarn; the wedding
party; the happy couple dancing! Here are the links I
have so far:

Tammy's rehearsal photos
Tammy's wedding photos
Kindra's wedding photos
Sandi's wedding photos
June 18, 2010: Everything was beautiful for the
wedding of Katie and Chris! Zak performed the
ceremony, Julia was a flower girl, Joe & Wes
were ushers, and Daniel & Will handed out
June, 2010:Sue, Scott L., and I visited
Aunt Jerry on June 19th. She is 95
and recovering from a broken hip but
still lives in her own beautiful place.
We also got to see her son, Jerry
(Butchie) and daughter Pam. She is
really doing great! On June 24, I
visited Aunt Carolyn who is now 88.
She also still lives in her two-floor
condo and is as lively as ever. It was a
joy to see both of them and spend
time with them. They are both
delightful ladies!
Family news:
- Katie and Chris got married on June 18th!
- Zak belongs to the Northstar Vineyard Community Church in
Loveland. He was just made a pastor of his own branch and stated, "It
is an honor and a blessing to me to be called to this and to serve the
Lord in this way." Congratulations, Zak!
- Jim Pucillo just passed his tests and is now an official welder. Way to
go, Jim!
- Bradley just left for Saudi Arabia last week and will be there 4 to 6
- Brian should be back in Kansas from Iraq at the end of the month.
- Brad and Michele will be moving to Colorado Springs in September!
- Wes won his hockey tournament in Pittsburg. Good job, Wes!
June 29, 2010:
coach pitch team
won their division
and are the
reigning champs!
Way to go, Julia!
June, 2010: Emma, Casey (Moony),
Alyssa, and Joseph (Hossy). What a
beautiful group of grandkids and cousins!
Click here to go to Brian's
June 18-20, 2010: Wes played in the Penguins Breakout Hockey Tournament in Pittsburgh and their team won
the tournament! Way to go Wes.
June, 2010: Pictures I snagged from Facebook! Katie and Chris on their honeymoon in
Clearwater, Florida and as you can see, they spent a day in Disney World!
July, 2010: Brent and Wes had a banner week! Brent
emailed me (which I in turn immediately forwarded to
everyone in my contact list) his company's newsletter
with a superb article about him. Click
here to read it.
Good job, Brent!

Wes took his ACT (college entrance) exams recently and
scored in the 96th percentile with a perfect 36 in the
science portion. Hopefully the family smells scholarship
money! Way to go, Wes!
July 4, 2010: Will, (Katie in the background), Daniel,
Julia, Wes, and Joe with fireworks in Scott and
Tammy's front yard.
July 8, 2010: Daniel, Nan, me, and Wes enjoying our
annual Mother's Day present from Brent and
Kindra--par 3 golf! Thanks, guys, we had a great time.
here for 4th of July and home pictures too!
July 10, 2010: Julia is a flower girl again
for another cousin of hers, Jill! Sources
say she did another excellent job!
here to see all the pictures.
July, 2010: Big brother Casey and newest
family member Joey. Joes is entered in
the Gerber's baby contest! Good luck, Joey!
July, 2010: Wes and Daniel enjoying their own, homemade Slip 'n Slide! Click here for more pics. Sure
looks like fun!
July 18, 2010: Mike, Brent, & Scott.
Daniel drew these 3 pictures of Disney.
Scott and Tammy celebrating their joint
birthday. We surprised Scott because
his birthday always falls around our golf
outing and he doesn't get a dinner!
July 18-25, 2010: Camp Grandma's 2010!!! Their shirts they painted, Julia on her 8th birthday at Frisch's,
and Will, Daniel, Julia, and Wes at Adventure Golf. I will put a link here after I give them their journals.
Aug. 1, 2010: Bart (white knuckled, his
niece Maggie, Amy, and Aly riding Cedar
Point's 120 mph Top Thrill Dragster!
July 29, 2010: Congratulations
to Jim Puc. who just completed
the comprehensive program at
Lincoln Electric Welding School
and received TWO
certifications! Jim hopes to
combine his mechanical skills
with his new welding skills to
open a custom motorcycle shop.
He is now working part time at
a shop called 44 Steel in Avon.
Check out the website. Way to go,
July 10, 2010:
Zak's 24th
celebration. I
think he is singing
to himself here!
Love ya, Zak.
Aug. 4, 2010: Katie's 21st
Birthday!!! After opening her
gifts at her parents house,
we (10 of us) went to
Benihana's for dinner. Then
9 of us went to Belterra and
6 of us spent the night. Katie
welcomed her 21st birthday
in style. A great time was
had by all. Thanks, Katie!
Click here for more birthday
pictures and click
here for
more wedding pictures!
Aug., 2010: Wes at State Wars in Chicago.
They played hard but lost.
Aug., 2010: Bradley, 2nd
from left, in Saudi. Click
here to go to Bradley's
page for more pictures.
Take care, Bradley!
Aug., 15, 2010: The family
celebrated Hank's Mom's
92nd birthday at Olive
Garden. There were 36 in
attendance. H B Mom! Click
here for Tammy's pictures.
here for Barb's pictures.
Aug., 2010:
This will be the
front cover of a
book about
that Scott did.
He is also
creating the
pictures inside
the book. Hope
it comes out
soon. Good job,
Aug. 19, 2010:
Will (8th
grade) and
Julia (3rd
grade) on
their first day
of school.
Click here to go to Bradley's  
Aug. 10, 2010: Katie and
Julia on their way to
Julia's first concert at
Riverbend. It was the
Jonas Brothers and
Demi Lovato.
Aug. 25,
2010: Daniel
and Wes
ready to
leave for
their first
day at
school at
Lakota East!
Sept. 3, 2010: Our 50th
Anniversary! After enjoying
dinner at Outback with the
entire family, including
Hank's Mom, Jill & Mike
hosted a party at their home.
Katie & Chris let us use
their champagne glasses for a
toast. We received many
wonderful, memorable gifts
from our kids and grandkids.
It was one wonderful
evening. Thank you family!
Sept. 4, 2010: The
neighbors had a
bridge dedication
for Brent. They
dubbed the bridge
that he built on
their property the
'Brent Hannig
Bridge.' They
celebrated with a
cookout and
bonfire! Nice
bridge, Brent!

here to see
additional pictures.
Sept. 3, 2010: The entire gang at Jill & Mike's on our 50th
Anniversary. Click
here to see Tammy's pictures and click
here to see Kindra's pictures. Thank you girls!
Sept. 7, 2010: Scott and Tammy drove up to
Michigan to attend the wedding of his friend
Sept. 7, 2010: Wes taking a shot at the goal. The
goalie is his dad! He scored twice on Brent and
Brent stopped him once.
Sept. 6, 2010: Daniel, Brent, Wes, Joe,
Brittany, Will, Julia, and Scott enjoying
baseball on Labor Day!
Sept. 2010: Katie invited us to a New
Member Recognition event on 11/7/10 at
Northern Kentucky University. She has
been asked to join the Golden Key
International Honor Society for being in
the top 15% of her class. The web site
states: "Golden Key is the world's
premier collegiate honor society,
recognizing outstanding academic
achievement and connection
high-achieving individuals locally,
regionally, and globally with lifetime
opportunity, reward, and success.
Membership is by invitation only."
Congratulations, Katie!
Oct. 2010: Zak with Stuart
the Gnome on his recent
trip to Canada. He went to
Niagara Falls, Montreal,
and Quebec with his
friends Jordan and Alex.
Zak has his pictures on
Facebook. Looks like all
four (I am including
Stuart) had a wonderful
time, even though Zak
tried twice to stuff Stuart
in cannons.
Oct. 2, 2010: Tammy,
Julia, and friends ready to
leave and go the Disney
Princesses on Ice! Julia
recently lost her other
front tooth. I don't believe
she can whistle!

Oct. 14, 2010: Sue and I at
Navy Pier as the Swing
Sisters. Click
here for
more pictures.
Oct., 2010: Mike, Jill, Katie, and Chris in Vegas!
here for more pictures!
Oct. 2010: Sher has
been an employee of
Walsh Mfg. Corp for 25
years (plus one year as
a temp) so they
celebrated her with
balloons, cards,
cupcakes, and cookies.
Her bosses and their
wives are taking she
and Jim out to dinner
to celebrate. To quote
Sher, "Walshes are
truly family to me and
I've been here over half
my life!"
Congratulations Sher!
Oct. 23, 2010: Scott
and Joe at an Ohio
State Football game
against Purdue.
OSU won 49 to 0!
Oct. 30, 2010: Will
and Julia on Trick or
Treat Night.

Oct. 31, 2010: Katie
dressed for work!
Nov. 3, 2010: For Brent's 49th birthday, Daniel drew
this picture of Jimi Hendrix for him. Awesome, Daniel!
Oct. 2010: Wes and Daniel at Jim & Sher's. My how they've grown!
Click here to see the November page of our family calendar I make every year. I think it's my
Oct. 9, 2010: Brent,
Wes, and Daniel
recently volunteered
to do landscaping at
the Wellness Center.
It was a project for
Brent's work. Nice
work, guys!
Nov. 13, 2010:
Brent's 49th and
Jill's 48th
Nov. 2010: Julia and
2 friends at her
weekend Girl Scout
Julia had one great
Thanksgiving Day!
here for more!
Nov 26, 2010: The day
after Thanksgiving
with six of the
helping decorate our
tree! Click
here for
more pictures!
Dec. 11, 2010: Congratulations to
Aly who graduated from Akron
University with a Bachelor of Arts
in Mass Media-Communication!
Jimmy and Jennifer look mighty
happy with Aly's accomplishment!
Great job, Aly. We are all proud of
Dec. 16, 2010:
When Bradley
returned home
from Saudi Arabia,
this is the sign
that greeted him.
Welcome home
Bradley and thank
you for serving our
Dec. 18, 2010: Alex with his Emma's
stickers and Emma, Julia, and Katie!
Dec. 18, 2010: Our Annual Buening Christmas Party! Sher was the winner of the Dumb Shit Award for not hanging around for an extra hour at the bar
where Kid Rock was going to perform the day before her Kid Rock Cruise! Runners up were Hank (playing a $25 machine in error), Joe (wanting to use a 5
for $5.95 Arby's coupon when they had a 5 for $5 sale, Amanda B. (for calling 911 when dog-sitting for Aunt Sher because the dogs kept moving around and
activating night lights), and Chris D for willing joining this crazy family! Hank received a 'Moonie' because he asked for a $10 piece of 'you-know-what' and
Sher asked for an album and got an old one with pictures of dead people. Click
here and here for more photos!
Dec. 21, 2010: Will and
Julia stayed with us after
the Buening Christmas
Party. Julia amused
herself by building with
red cups. (Relax, folks,
those are now her toys, not
something I will make you
drink out of). And she
made me a sign that reads:
"At GMa's, candy is are
Dec. 22, 2010: Julia got a letter
from Santa Claus today! She was
so excited. He said he knows she
has been good and he's looking
forward to visiting her.
Dec. 25, 2010: A few pictures from
our Christmas with our wonderful
family. Click
here and here for more