Alex: Van on Fire: Story of when his van caught on fire when he stopped at a fast food restaurant.
Aly: You Ain't No Uncle Jim: A school report about how wonderful Uncle Jim is.
Amy: One Wish in Your Life: An article about how she finally got what she wished for.
Sandi: My Knight in Shining Armor: An article I wrote about Hank.
Sandi: Our 50th Wedding Anniversary. A journal documenting our celebration.
Sandi: We're going to have a hysterectomy! An article I wrote to acknowledge what others go through.
Tom: Christmas Story: An article written about an early Christmas present for he and Nancy from Jim & Sher.

Family Relationship to Andrew Johnson
Family Trees: Family trees, photos, and websites about our relatives. Dad   Mom   Us
Sandi's Memoirs: My life story to date.
Slide Show-Hank: A 4-minute slide show made by Zak.
Slide Show-Sandi: A 15-minute slide show made by Zak, starting at our wedding in 1960.

JIB JABS       Halloween 1   Halloween 2    I Got You Babe  
Sleigh Ride      You'll Shoot Your Eye Out
Scott's Clock on Red's Web Site: Scott's Crosley clock on the Red's Hall of Fame site.
Scott's illustrations in a book about Fred Hutchinson: Click on book for blurb.
Scott's book about Fred Hutchinson on Amazon!
Spitball--The Literary Baseball Magazine: Scott is the Art Director.
eBay Sites: Both Scott and Zak sell items on eBay occasionally.   Scott      Zak

Article by Hal McCoy about Scott
Backup Dancers: Scott, Brent, & Zak dancing for Julia! [NEW]
Brad's Bio Brad's official USAF biography...Very Impressive!
Falling Tree A humorous film made by Will and editted by Joe!
Happy Birthday Grandma Sandi: Brent (guitar), Wes (drums) and Daniel (singing)
How We Met Contest: How everyone met their spouses or significant other.
Jennifer & Dan's Wedding Word Search Puzzle: Sher had this puzzle made for Jennifer's shower.
Odd Jobs Contest: Check out all the odd jobs our family members have had!
Shore (Ray) Sites:
Five web sites featuring Uncle Raymond.   Site Site Site Site 4 Site 5 Portland Beavers Baseball Card Front Back
Tips: Family tips!
Who Am I Contest
: First contest featuring questions and answers.
Who Am I Baby Contest
: Family baby pictures.
You Tube:
23 Christmases: A video Zak made for us for Christmas, 2009
Emma Eating: A video Will made of Emma eating
Emma in the Sandbox: Adorable film clip Alex made.
Emma-One Saturday morning: Another adorable film clip Alex made! [NEW]
Emma-One Saturday morning-2: Another film clip Alex made! [NEW]
Falling Tree: A humorous film made by Will and editted by Joe!
Hank & Sandi's 50th: Photos of Hank & I and music made by Zak & Jill!
Julia speaks at JCE Concert: She was talking about Route 66! [NEW]
Mom & Dad Tribute: 7 minutes from Chris's 40 minute DVD of 2009 golf outing
Scott & Tammy's 23rd Anniversary: A video Scott made for Tammy!
Skittles Project: A stop action video made by Daniel & friend Jack
Stop Animation: A stop action video mady by Will & friends
Wes Vs Joe in Living Room Volleyball (6 minutes)
Zak's 2007 Travels
: Zak's itinerary for the year!
Zak's Trip to Nigeria
: Photos from his trip in 2007.

Fun/Games/Family Stuff
You can download most of the games listed and play for an hour before buying them and the rest are just online games and puzzles. Just try them out!
Addicting Games
Amazing Adventures
Bejeweled 2
Big Money
Bonnie's Bookstore
Deal or No Deal
Hang The Alien
Leap Frog
Mr. Peanut's Matchup
Pac Dude Games
Parachute Jump
Pop Cap Games
Puff Ball
Slide Out
Text Twist
USA Today Puzzles
Wacky Wordsearch
Yahooligan Games
                  INTERNET SITES & FUN STUFF
Birthday Calculator: Enter your birth date and see fun stats and astrological data!
Cammie's Rental in Key Largo: Granddaughter of Uncle Jack Buening
Do Not Call Registry: Keeps annoying telemarketers away!
Dummies: The How-To books for dummies. Search for topics!
Famous Recipes : Inside recipes for famous foods
Family Watchdog: See if offenders are living in your neighborhood.
eHow: This site tells you how to do most anything!
Gratitude Campaign: How to thank our soldiers!
How to Contact an Operator at a Company: How to reach a live person quickly.
How Many Days Old Are You?: Find out how many days old you are. [NEW]
Kerry's Rental in the Smokies: Granddaughter of Uncle Jack Buening
Local Gas Prices: Type in your zip code to see gas prices.
Longevity 1: You can calculate your expected life span based on your lifestyle and family history.
Longevity 2: This site calculates your expected life span and your virtual age.
Just select a city and paper and read that paper's front page.
Paul Harvey Writes: Read what Paul writes about what our kids are missing.
Speed Trap Locations: Find out where the speed traps are!
This Day in History: Select any date to see births, deaths, and historical events.
Video How-To: This site shows you how to do most anything!
Vietnam Wall: It is a virtual wall of those lost in this war. Click on a state, scroll to the city, and the names will appear. Clicking on a name will give lots more info.
WebMD: Medical information.
Wikipedia: The free encyclopedia anyone can edit.
World Clock: Almost everything you want to know.
Year by Year: Select any year from 1900 to 2008 to see how life was in that year.
Zillow: Real estate site/house values.

Daily Trivia: Daily trivia questions and answers.
Evolution of Dance: A 3-minute dance covering decades by Judson Laipply.
Funny Golf Definitions: The best golf definitions you'll ever hear!
Hulu: Hulu is an online video service that offers hit TV shows, movies and clips for free.
JibJab: The website where you can watch hilarious videos plus add your own faces.
Micro-Macro: Fantastic trips to see incredible views of our inner and outer worlds.
Monk-e-Mail: Create humorous emails to send to your friends.
National Anthem: Sung by The Cactus Cuties, a group of 6 to 8 year olds!
Number Trick: Good number trick!
Rube Goldberg-Like Musical: Most awesome setup you'll ever see. [NEW]
Text to Speech: Type in words and an operator will speak.
Text to Speech Translator: Type in English words and have them translated.
TMZ: The Twenty Mile Zone of Hollywood, covering celebrity gossip, videos and news.
What's Your Reaction Time: Test your average reaction time in a fun way!
Wizards of Winter: The Mason, Ohio man who syncs Christmas lights action and music.
YMCA: A one man show (Christopher) dancing to the song.
You've Lived in Cincinnati if....: A funny walk down memory lane. [NEW]
YouTube: The website that let you broadcast yourself and where you can see others!

1920's: Music and photos
50 Years of History:(120 pictures in 3 minutes)
Cars We Drove in the 50's & 60's: Pictures and oldie music.
If You Were A Girl in the 70's: A walk down memory lane for girls in their 40's.
Jukebox: Plays free songs from 1950 to 1982.
Old 45's & More: (Scroll down to the flash movies): More old music.
Old TV Shows: Nostaglic look at black & white TV shows.