One wish in your life


One wish in your life, what would it be?

If things of lesser importance came to mind, you think a lot like me.

Material things are the first to pop into your head,

A big house, more money or a sports car thatís red!

Maybe itís a place youíve always wanted to see,

Like a cruise to Alaska or a trip to Hawaii.

Maybe it something to make you look great,

Like lypo-suction, a face-lift or getting your teeth straight.

But the greatest things in life arenít things you can hold,

They are lessons you have learned,

Things you are told.

It starts when you are little, if youíre lucky like me,

You learn about love from an awesome family.

My Mother, almost saintly, is always there for us.

She has the kindest heart, sheís someone we all trust.

Her voice never raised, always lending an ear,

She always knows and says what we need to hear.

Then there is Daddy, just as close to my heart,

You know why Mom loved him right from the start.

When I was little he was a hero to me,

I would watch him shave while hugging his knee.

He has every quality I have looked for in a man,

Like being married 42 years and still holding Momís hand.

Next is my Sister, sheís the oldest one.

When we were little we didnít share much fun.

We were always fighting, I wish I could get that back,

I guess I always knew she has qualities I lack.

She thinks with her heart where family is concerned,

I know these are lessons my children have learned.

Her husband has loved her all of his life,

He knew he deserved the best when he made her his wife.

My Brother has moved with a family of his own,

I can still feel his love when we talk on the phone.

Just like our Sister, he found true love from the start,

They each found a person so dear to my heart.

What a great father he has turned out to be,

He learned from great parents to share love times three.

When I was fifteen I met someone new,

And over the years our friendship quickly grew.

Sheís Godmother to one child, I am the same,

Because of our mutual love, youíd think we shared the same last name.

Although we arenít sisters weíre close as can be,

She will always be part of my family.

The birth of my Son was such a family event,

My perfect little boy, he was heaven sent.

My little Boy has now grown into such a strong man,

And I have to say Iím his Number one fan.

Heís handsome, heís smart and boy is he tall.

But itís his gentle ways that over powers them all.

Then came the second, a beautiful girl,

Her unique carefree ways put our life in a whirl.

Sheís cute, sheís spunky, and sheís filled with such joy.

Sheís gonna be trouble for some lucky boy!

The third was much later but certainly not less,

When it comes to good kids, she is the best.

She thinks about others all of the time,

Iím so proud to say, ďthat little girls mineĒ.

And finally the Man I have always waited for.

He fills my life with love and so much more.

He brings my life, joy, laughter, even tears,

I have looked for this man throughout the years.

You all found it so easily, or so it seems,

The one that you love, the one of your dreams.

Your marriage so strong, the standards so high,

You can see why it took me more then one try.

I know how Mom feels now cause heís just like my Dad,

And just like my Mom, Iím the best he will ever have.

One wish in your life, what would it be?

If youíre still thinking material you donít think like me.

To be granted one wish, itís easy for me,

The continuing love of my perfect family.

I know I donít say it as much as I should,

I love you all more then anyone could.