Pictures and News 2008
Wes and Daniel spent some of their Christmas vacation days with us, including New Year's Eve. They got their 'fake wine' ready and helped bring in the new year. Thank you, boys! Happy 2008 everyone!
Jan. 2008: Daniel, Wes, and I play a mean game of poker, including Blind Man's Bluff!
Jan. 27, 2008: Will did not enjoy eating peas so he posed for this picture with Julia's old bib!
Daniel proudly displays his Student of the Month Achievement Award.
Jan. 27, 2008: Joe was having some fun licking his cherry pie plate as a joke and allowed his picture to be taken.
Feb. 2008: Bradley has re-enlisted. Congratulations Bradley!
Feb. 12, 2008: Good news from Aly! She applied for and got the position of Senior Resident Assistant at Akron. Says Aly, "It is a step up from an RA and it comes with a lot of extra responsibilities but I am very excited about it!  Congratulations, Aly!!!
Feb. 18, 2008: Tammy, Will, Julia and Joe enjoy one of Scott's works of art at the Cincinnati Downtown Library that is displaying artists works in the Willie Mays book. Scott has three pictures in the book. Check out Scott's Willie Mays and Pictures on the Fun Page!
March 9, 2008: Will in a tunnel and Joe & Julia enjoying sled riding.
March 29, 2008: Julia's first tee ball practice. She loved it!
March 23, 2008: Easter at Scott & Tammy's. Front row: Joe, Daniel, Julia, Miranda Richardson (niece); Back row: Wes, Max Richardson (nephew), me, Will and Hank!
Travel News: Mike, Jill, Katie, Chris D, Zak, & one of his roommates, Ben, just returned from Indian Shores, Florida. As they say, a good time was had by all!

Sue & Scott are heading for a California trip and then to St. Louis, Cincinnati & Cleveland.

Ben, Mike, Jill, Zak, Katie & Chris
April 14, 2008: Julia decided to get a new haircut and hair style. It looks gorgeous! Sonya did a great job!
Daniel is now a referee for soccer. He also finished his Junior High championship hockey game on April 8th as the goalie!

Wesley began his hockey season this week.
April 17, 2008: Katie successfully had an electrical heart procedure done today at Children's Hospital to prevent her from further fainting spells. They found the defective area and froze it. She was there from 8:30 am until 8:00 pm. All went well.
Apr, 2008: Scott & Sue at Getty Villa.
Apr, 2008: The white squirrel (Spike) that lives in Scott and Tammy's back yard. Will has sent a picture of this squirrel to our dentist, Larry!
May, 2008: Julia & Will showing their artwork at their school's Art Fair. Will did the self portrait and the volcano on the right side. Great job, both of you!
May 11, 2008--Mother's Day! The Hannig clan together. On the couch, Grandma Dell, Hank, Barb & Tom. On the floor, Mary, me, Ron & Gina. We also celebrated Hank's 70th birthday!
May 12, 2008: Joe gets his temps! Way to go, Joe!
May 4, 2008: Chris and Katie at her senior prom.
May 9, 2008: Zak and his housemates treated their mothers and other guests to a Mother's Day dinner at their home. They picked them up, presented them with flowers, had a chef prepare the food, and the boys served them. Jill said it was wonderful!
May 15, 2008: Daniel received two school awards: A certificate for language arts and the silver medal for a GPA of 3.8-3.9. Way to go, Daniel!!!

May 4, 2008: Here is a picture of Daniel, Will Scott, Joe, me, Julia, Wes, Tammy and Hank after her T-Ball game. Julia played pitcher, catcher and first basewoman!

May, 2008: We are all looking forward to seeing Sue & Scott the week of May 19th. They will be staying with us until Friday and then staying with Tom and Nancy until Sunday morning. The Cincinnati clan will be having a get together on Tuesday, starting at 5:00 p.m. The Cleveland get together will be on Saturday, and I think it's about the same time. Welcome to Cincinnati and Cleveland, Scott & Sue!
May 20, 2008: A mad game of Trivial Pursuit when Sue & Scott came to visit. Me, Kindra, Tammy, Coni, Scott H., Scott L., and Jill.

The 'mad' girls after we lost to the guys! Me, Jill, Tammy & Sue!

Any N. Olmsted pictures?
May, 2008: Wes recently received two awards. One is for high academic honors and the other one is of honorable merit magna cum laude for outstanding performance in the National Latin Exam. Way to go, Wes!
May, 2008: Aly, Jennifer, Sher, Nancy, Amanda & Sue in N. Olmsted during Sue & Scott's travels.
June 9, 2008: Wes, me, Nan (Kindra's Mom) and Daniel enjoyed playing golf which was our (Nan's and my) Mother's Day gift from Brent & Kindra. We had a great time!

Scott tracked down one of his favorite school teachers, Mr. Steve Eads, his 5th grade teacher who joined the clan for dinner. Mr. Eads thoroughly enjoyed his stay and regaled the family with great and interesting stories. Julia was pleased with herself when she read to him. In a thank you email to Scott, he wrote, "You are most successful because you have such a GREAT family.
June 15, 2008: The Hannig clan continued their Father's Day traditional trip to Kings Island where Julia enjoyed her first big coaster ride. She loved it so much, she immediately rode it again, along with Daniel, Joe and Wesley. More pictures will follow.
June 15, 2008: Standing: Chris D., Joe, Tammy, Jill, Scott, Brent, Daniel, Wesley and Kindra. Sitting: Hank, Julia, Katie, Will and me!
June 21, 2008: Brent, Kindra, Wes & Daniel visited with Jim & Sher and went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There happened to be a Gay Pride Parade so Brent & Jim posed for this picture! We are SO proud of the two of you!
Here are two links to pictures that Kindra took at Kings Island and at Scott & Tammy's house on Easter. I don't know how long the links are good for so check out the pictures soon. You may have to sign up for Snapfish but it is free.

Easter at Scott & Tammy's house.

Kings Island.
Two links to more pictures from this memorable evening at the Great American Ball Park!

Brent's Pictures
Scott's Pictures
June 30, 2008: Mike, Brent, Joe, Scott, Chris, Daniel & Wes getting a close-up view of the Reds batting practice.

At the Reds Museum, Chris, Mike, Brent, Scott, Hank, Daniel, Joe & Wes. Will took the picture.
June 13, 2008: Believe It Or Not! Brad named Baggo Champion!
Baggo is what they call Cornhole in Michigan. Brad, if this is not a fake newspaper, you'd better win our Cornhole Tournament in August!
July 16, 2008: Wes got his temps today! Way to go, Wes! He also asked that he be the first grandchild to take me for a drive (since I haven't ridden with Zak, Katie, or Joe yet). I think I will take him up on his fine offer!

July 12, 2008: After Joe, Will, Julia, and Hank's brother's son Tommy spend four days at our home, we celebrated Tammy's birthday. Julia helped her blow out the candles!
Scott's latest portrait---Barney Fife!
July 19 & 20: Scott & Tammy had many helpers with the first phase of their deck. Jim spent the weekend; Brent, Wes & Daniel were there Saturday & Sunday; Mike & Scott's friend Neil assisted as did Joe and Will! Sunday night, Will invited the twins from across the street (Jack & Greg) to camp out on the new deck. Guess we'll get to see it in person Sunday at Julia and Will's birthday party.

Nice job, guys!
Daniel, Joe, Wes & Will at the Creation Museum.
Joe, Will, Daniel & Wes at the batting cages.
Daniel, Will, Wes, & Joe having dessert.
  Camp Grandma's
    July 27 to Aug 2

here to read their journals and other camp papers.
August 16, 2008: Celebrating Mom's 90th Birthday!

Hank, me, Ron, Barb, Mom and Mary at Olive Gardens. Daniel, Joe, Wes, Chris, Julia, Katie and Will!

Here is the
Snapfish link to other pictures that Kindra took. Thanks, Kindra!
August 24, 2008: Scott & Tammy had some visitors all the way up to their deck area.
August, 2008: Sher as a rock-n-roll employee while Bob Walsh celebrates his birthday. Way to go, Sher!
September 13, 2008: Amanda and Ernie's Wedding Day! It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding. Thank you for inviting all of us to share in your joy. Click here to see some more pictures from Kindra.
September 20, 2008: Most of the Hannig clan went to the Ohio Valley Fish and Game at their Spring Valley Wildlife location where they provide a day of teaching children (and adults) how to use firearms. Joe, Wes, Daniel, and Will shot a bow and arrow, crossbows, pellet guns, rifles, musket loaders and even did skeet shooting. Julia even shot the pellet gun. Brent, Tammy, Hank & I were the attending adults. The rest of the family were unable to attend. Click here to see all the pictures Tammy took.
September 14, 2008: Jill & Mike's deck after their pine tree got blown over during Hurrican Ike's trip through Ohio!
September 20, 2008: Julia shooting a pellet gun; Brent and Will shooting crossbows; Joe & Daniel shooting muskets.
September 27, 2007: Wes was the first grandchild I ever rode with while they were driving. He was the first one who asked me!

It was Joe's 16th birthday and he was spending the night at our house. Katie invited him to go to a friend's of her and Chris's to watch football so he wouldn't have to spend his 16th birthday sitting at his grandparents' house!
October 11, 2008: Joe and Ashley on their way to their Homecoming Dance.

October 11, 2008: Brent and Kindra bought Nan & Nelson's 2003 Pontiac Vibe for Wes.  Wes is happily receiving the car keys from his grandparents!
Brian graduated on October 24th! Although he did have a broken foot, it did not stop him from completing his training, including a 10 mile hike! His drill sergeant told Brad that it's rare that a kid comes in with such a great attitude and that he's going to make a great soldier! He will be stationed in Fort Riley, Kansas. Great job, Brian!

Bradley, Brad and Brian                                   Brad, Brian and Michelle
Thank you all for serving our country!
October 31, 2008: Will as The Joker! Julia, Scott and Will at our old house on Linderwood.
November 9, 2008: Wesley giving Daniel a dose of his own medicine! This picture was reversed last year!
December 9, 2008: When Joe attended Kinder Elementary in Miamisburg, Scott asked for permission to paint the face of each president in the main hallway. He, with Will's help, added the newest president. He still has to go back to add the name. Great job, Scott & Will!
Thanksgiving, 2008: Katie, Chris, Julia, Zak, Daniel, Joe, Will and Wes.
December 20, 2008: This year's winner of the 2nd Annual Dumb Shit Award was Mike! He and his buddies were at the Argosy the night before where he ran into Amy and Bart. Mike introduced Amy to his friends and then said, "And this is her husband, Rick!" Amy said, "Bart," and then Mike whispered (loudly) to his friends, "And don't call him Jim and that's all three of her husbands!" Honorable mentions went to Chris D, Scott, Jim and Hank! Thanks, Brent. Send Mike your nominations for next year.
November, 2008: Zak took these crazy pictures with his laptop.
December 25, 2008: Hank & Sandi's Family!                December 25, 2008: Scott, Sue, Sandi & Hank!
December 25, 2008: Julia singing!
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December 20, 2008: Left-Amy, Amanda & Sher!
Middle-Alysse & Amanda. Left-Nancy, Tom & Will.