Table of Contents

Microsoft Word


Alignment.. 1

Vertical 1

Horizontal 1

autocorrect.. 1

Creating AutoCorrect Entries. 1

Customizing the AutoCorrect Features. 1

Auto format.. 1

autotext.. 2

Creating AutoText entries. 2

Using AutoText entries. 2

Deleting AutoText entries. 2


All Pages. 2

To use Art 3

Paragraph. 3

Bullets.. 3

Create. 3

Customize. 3

Capital Letters.. 3

Charts.. 4

Creating Original Charts (Inserted Object) 4

Copied data. 4

Linked data. 4

Importing Data. 4

Editing Chart Data. 5

Adding/Deleting/Hiding Rows and Columns. 5

Adding Titles and Data Labels. 5

Click and Type. 6

Columns.. 6

Newspaper. 6

Side-by-Side. 6

Creating columns using the Columns toolbar button and existing text 6

Creating columns using the menu bar and existing text 7

Creating different numbers of columns in the same document 7

Ending one column and starting a new one (inserting a column break) 7

Moving to the next column using the keyboard. 7

Moving down a column using the keyboard (moving to the next paragraph) 7

Adding separator lines between columns. 7

Modifying the width of columns and/or the spacing between columns. 7

Modifying the number of columns in a section. 8

Combining columns by removing column breaks. 8

Moving individual columns relative to each other. 8

Moving whole sets of columns. 9

Comments.. 9

Inserting. 9

Reviewing. 9

Deleting. 9

Highlighting Text 10

Tracking Changes. 10

Reviewing, Accepting and Rejecting. 10

Cross References.. 10

Envelopes.. 11

Printing an envelope (from document containing an inside address) 11

Saving an envelope address in the document (from a document containing an inside address) 11

File Locations, Change default.. 12

Folder, Create. 12

FONT.. 12

Animated font 12

Default font 12

Change size. 12

Change back to Normal font 12

Formatting.. 13

Backgrounds. 13

Drop Caps. 13

Format Painter. 13

Themes. 13

Forms, Online. 14

Create an online form.. 14

Edit a Form.. 14

Form Fields. 14

Type. 14

Characteristics. 14

Add Help text to be displayed for a form field. 15

graphics, insert.. 16

headers and footers.. 16

Creating. 16

Headers and Footers for different sections. 16

Removing the header from the first page only. 17

Adding auto text to headers and footers. 17

HTML Format.. 17

Hyperlinks.. 18

Indexes.. 18

Creating. 18

Automatic Indexing. 18

Indexes: Modifying. 19

Labels.. 19

Printing a full page of labels. 19

To save labels in a document 19

Line spacing.. 20

Horizontal Lines.. 20

Macros.. 20

Recording. 20

Running. 21

Editing. 21

Rename a macro. 21

Copy a macro. 22

Delete a macro. 22

Mail Merge. 22

Establishing a Main Document and a Data Source. 22

Adding Data Records. 22

Modifying Data Records. 23

Inserting Merge Fields. 23

Conducting the Mail Merge. 23

Creating Catalogs and Lists. 23

Use Microsoft Excel data as a mailing list in Word. 24

Guidelines for creating a list on a worksheet 24

List format 25

Master Documents.. 25

Creating. 25

Convert an existing document to a master document 25

Attaching Subdocuments. 26

Insert an existing Word document into a master document 26

Managing Subdocuments. 26

Lock or unlock a subdocument 27

Display the master document in Master Document view.. 27

Formatting and Printing. 27

Format a header (or other formatting) for a subdocument only. 27

Print a master document 27

Print a subdocument 27

Protecting a Document 28

Multiple Versions. 28

Merging Documents. 28

Numbered lists.. 28

Office Assistant.. 29

Change the Office Assistant 29

Hide/Show the Office Assistant 29

Outlines.. 29

Changing to outline view.. 29

Entering text into an outline. 29

Promoting or demoting an item.. 29

Moving an outline item up or down in the outline sequence. 30

Page Break. 30

Page Setup. 30

Paragraph Spacing.. 30

Print Preview, Edit.. 30


Read-only.. 31

Replace. 31

Resume where you left off. 31

Spaces, nonbreaking.. 31

Special Characters.. 31

Spell Checker, Keep Word From Spell Checking Specific Text.. 31

Styles.. 32

Applying Format Styles. 32

Reapplying formatted styles. 32

Editing a Style. 32

Symbols.. 33

Table of Contents.. 33

Right align the page numbers in a table of contents. 33

Shortcut steps to update a table of contents. 34

Cross-References. 34

Bookmarks. 34

Tables.. 35

Creating a new table using the Insert Table command. 35

Creating a new table using the Insert Table button. 35

Creating a new table using the Table Draw feature. 35

Using keystroke combinations to move through a table. 35

Using keystroke combinations to create an additional row at the end of a table. 36

Using keystroke combinations to insert a tab in a cell 36

Moving a row within a table. 36

Moving a whole cell within a table. 36

Moving cell data in a table. 36

Copying a row within a table. 37

Copying a whole cell within a table. 37

Copying cell data within a table. 37

Resizing a column using the boundary-dragging method. 38

Resizing a column using the Cell Height and Width dialog box. 38

Column width, Auto fit 38

Resizing a row using the boundary dragging method. 38

Resizing a row using the Cell Height and Width dialog box: 39

Resize a set of columns to be of equal size. 39

Resize a set of rows to be of equal size. 39

Resizing a set of columns to fit the largest entry. 39

Inserting cells. 39

Deleting cells. 40

Inserting rows. 40

Deleting rows. 40

Inserting columns. 41

Deleting columns. 41

Merging cells horizontally or vertically. 41

Splitting cells horizontally and/or vertically. 41

Using AutoFormat 42

Applying borders manually. 42

Manual application of shading and colors. 42

Creating a heading row for a table. 43

Setting header row or rows to repeat on subsequent pages. 43

Rotating text in a cell 43

Sorting Data. <