Windows, Keystrokes and Mouse Clicks

Close, Minimize, and Maximize buttons

Every window has three buttons in the upper-right corner:

 0           Use this to minimize the window or                 program. To minimize all open windows,                 using your right mouse button, click a                 blank area on the taskbar and click                 Minimize All Windows.

21       Use these to tile your open windows or     open them full screen

x    Use this to close the window and/or quit   the program.


Mouse clicks

8      Left, single - highlight

8      Left, double - activate

8      Left and drag - move icon or text

8      Right, single - drop down menu


Insert Cursor

In Word, quickly double-click to get to a place in a document instead of continually pressing Enter.


Select text

Shift + arrow keys or Pg Up, Pg Dn


Move mouse to left of document until it turns to ö then left click & drag.


Left-click mouse and drag over text.


In Word, double-click to select a word, Ctrl + click to select a sentence, triple click to select a paragraph.

Once text is selected, move your mouse to the top left-hand corner of the selected text until it turns to õ then left click & drag to new location.


To select items in Explorer or Outlook:

8      All—Ctrl + A

8      Sequential—Select 1st item, hold Shift key down, select last item

8     Non-sequential—Select 1st item, hold Ctrl key down, select other items individually. (Click again to deselect.)


Move through documents or worksheets

Ctrl + Home (top of document/worksheet)

Ctrl + End (end of document/worksheet)



Ctrl B            Bold text

Ctrl C            Copy highlighted text

Ctrl E            Center text

Ctrl F            Find

Ctrl G            Go To

Ctrl I             Italicize text

Ctrl S            Save

Ctrl U           Underline text

Ctrl V            Paste

Ctrl W          Close document

Ctrl X           Cut highlighted text

Ctrl Z            Undo

Alt+Tab = Switch between open programs

Ctrl+F6 = Switch between open documents

Ctrl+Shift+> = Increase font size

Ctrl+Shift+< = Decrease font size

Shift+File, Close = Close All


To switch between open programs, click the button on the bottom taskbar that represents the window you want to switch to. Or hold down the Alt key and keep pressing the Tab key until the program you want is highlighted, then release.  You can access the Start menu by pressing Windows key on your keyboard (between the Ctrl and Alt keys) or press Ctrl + Esc.


To keep programs open and open another one, you can either find the program through the Start menu or press your desktop icon and double-click the program icon on the desktop.

Resizing Windows

Change the size of a window by using the mouse to drag a corner or side of a window in any direction.

Moving Windows

Move a window by clicking on the active title bar at the top and dragging it.


Close All Windows

To close all open files, hold down the Shift key and when you select File, Close will become Close All.