Who Am I?
You only get to make one guess so make it a good one! Click here to email your answer!
Week 13: Brent!

Week 12:
ANS: Casey! Winners were Scott, Tammy & Jill!

Week 11:
ANS: Brad! Winners were Tom, Scott, Jill, Tammy, and Sher!

Week 10:
ANS: Coni! Winners were Jill, Tammy & Kindra!

Week 9:
ANS: Me! Scott, Tammy & Jill were winners!

Week 8:
ANS: Aly! There were no winners. Come on you guys!!!!

Week 7:
ANS: Tammy! Winners were Kindra and all of Tammy's immediate family! Of note, Will wrote: That is very hard but I am guessing it is the queen of the Hannig mansion, Tammy! Three incorrect answers of note include Will, Wes (guessed by Wes) and Mike!
Week 6:
ANS: Joe! There were lots of winners this week. They include Wes, Sher, Zak, Chris & Coni, Nancy, and Sue. The following family members sent me an email with the correct answer so I will give them honorable mention. They are Scott, Tammy, Joe & Will!  :-)  Last week, when Joe guessed Hank, he wrote: "And Grandpa teased me about my hair!"
Week 5:
ANS: Hank! Winners were Scott, Sue, Tammy, Joe, and Jill.
Week 4:
ANS: Kindra! Scott and Tammy were the only winners!
Week 3:
ANS: Alex! Only two winners this week--Tammy and Zak!
Week 2:
ANS: Brian! Unfortunately, there were no winners. Guess not many people are checking this site.

After I put Brian's picture for week 2, I realized that he and Katie are the only two family members that were born on the same day (August 4, 1989). Happy upcoming 18th birthday to you both!
Week 1:
ANS: Katie! Correct winners are Hank, Jill, Scott, Sher, Tammy, Zak, Kindra, Sue and Jennifer.