Trivia Questions & Answers!
For the foreseeable future, the first trivia question each time will be about Ohio!        

4438. What Pike County creek was dammed in 1935 to create White Lake?

4437. What was the name of the gang that was always trying to steal Scrooge McDuck's money in the comics?

4436. What Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher hit a home run in his first major league at-bat, and never hit another one?

4435. What nickname belongs to the University of Dayton?
ANS: The Flyers. Scott H and Tammy got this one.

4434. What 1960 film classic is based on the Edward Gein murder case?
ANS: Psycho. Again, Scott H and Tammy got this one.

4433. Identify the following: It was insured for $140,000; Sime Silverman, founder of Variety give it its nickname; and it measured
2 5/8 inches from head to tip.
ANS: Jimmy Durante's nose. Scott was the only winner on this one.