Scott Hannig
Artist Extraordinaire
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On a beautiful June night in 1994, Scott presented
Joe Nuxhall with his artwork, a collage of
drawings of meaningful times in Joe's baseball
career. If you look close, you can see Scott's name
on the scoreboard at Riverfront Stadium. Above is
one article about the evening and if you click
here, you can read another article.
Scott has created so very many works of art, including
drawings, sketches, paintings, Scoreboard clocks, books,
family memories, etc. Most of his subjects seem to focus on
baseball, specifically the Cincinnati Reds. Once this page is
published, I am asking Scott to scan his photos so I can
update his page. These are just the tip of the iceberg.
Thanks for being so creative Scott!

The article on the right is from Spitball Magazine from a
few years ago. It will give you a short history of his
journey. Click
here for the web site.

Scott often sells his items on eBay. Click
here to see what
he's offering!
Scott has illustrated THREE
books so far (there are more in
the works). His first 'Hutch' and
his second 'Cincinnati Reds
Legends' and his third is  
'Legends of Giants Baseball.'
Click on each picture to get to
Amazon for more details.
can also click
here to read more
about Cincinnati Reds Legends
(aka Forty Shades of Red)!
Scott's most profitable venture has been his baseball scoreboard clocks.
He has seven masterpieces! As you can see on the right, even Larry King
is enjoying his!

here for Pastimes Scoreboards & Dugout Memories to see of them.
For many years, Scott created Christmas cards for not only his family, but for Hank & I, Brent &
Kindra, and even our old neighbors, the Connors! Here are just two of our cards but I do have an
album of all the cards he created if you would like to see them. The one on the left is from 1999
and the one above is from 2004. Everyone loved receiving our Christmas cards so thank you Scott
for all your efforts!
Tony Perez
Big Klu
In 2012, Scott volunteered to repaint the presidents' heads on the
entry wall of Kinder School in Miamisburg. The school underwent
a renovation and his original artwork was destroyed. After he was
finished (the second time), he wrote the letter on the right to all
the living presidents. He received replies from all but Bill Clinton.

Click on each of the following links:
- Pictures of the presidents
- Letter from Jimmy Carter
- Letter from George H. W. Bush
- Letter from George W. Bush
- Letter from Barack Obama

Click here for an article in the Dayton Daily News
on February 26, 2017.
Scott was commissioned to create a 1990 Auto Dealership calendar.
These were two of my favorites.
My favorite! An autographed Pete Rose dot drawing!
This picture hung in my office at work until I retired.
LOVE this one!
This is Dave Bristol.
Scott is campaigning to
get him into the Reds
Hall of Fame. Click
here for his Facebook
In April, I posted this picture of Jimmy. Scott was so impressed with it that he painted a picture
of him. In August, he presented the picture to Jimmy with Lincoln looking on. Nice job Scott!
Scott loves to draw pictures and cartoons of his family. The
one on the left is our family and ancestors he made for us on
our 40th anniversary. The middle one is us with only one
grandchild. The one above shows his love of us and
Casey Stengel and Hal
Scott created this work of art and donated it to the Blue
Ash Crosley Field. The Big Reds team was completed in
1990 and is simply the greatest Reds roster.  The roster
was assembled by voting by reporters.
Scott would find out every summer what players would be playing in the annual Old Timers Game
and would create these drawings. He would then present them to the players after the game.
Barney Fife!
<-- This rendition of Hank &
I was from a Norman
Rockwell painting.

--> Scott created this work of
art from a photo that shows
Hank giving Joe a rock to
skip on the Ohio River.
Roberto Clemente
Sparkey Anderson!
This is a painting that Scott
did and the magazine that it
was on.

It's a painting of Mapleleaf
Stadium in Toronto. The
player (#18) hitting the ball
around the infield is Uncle

The photo was taken by Ira.

Note to you young'uns--Ira
is Ira Shore, Grandma Sis's
father. Click
here to read
more about Uncle Ray!