Oldies But Goodies
Bart as a fill-in weatherman at a
Kent TV station. Year unknown!
June, 2004: Our grandchildren
wearing bow ties to honor Grandpa
Tuck at his funeral.
Tom and Chris with Tom's 1950 Mercury. Taken at Tom's home in N.
Olmsted. Date unknown.
These are the only three pictures I could find with all four of our grandparents together. The first one
shows my Dad's (Tuck) parents, Herb and Gertie and my Mom's (Sis) parents, Elsie and Ira. This picture
was taken at my parents' wedding on August 28, 1937. The middle picture (Ira, Elsie (Nanny), Gertie and
Herb) was taken in our living room in New Richmond (circa 50's). The third picture was taken in the
dining room at my parents' home on Clough Pike. Starting on the left is my Mom (Sis) holding Brent, Ira,
Nanny, Herb, Gertie, my Dad (Tuck) and Chris (1963).
Our Grandparents!
Grandpa Fenker in middle. He is
Nanny's father.
Dec. 24, 1955:
Aunt Ellen,
Grandpa Ira, Uncle
Raymond, and Dad
in Nanny &
basement on
Christmas Eve.
This picture was
backwards before
(don't know how
that happened!)
Thanks Scott!
Circa 1998: Brent, Scott, Daniel, Zak, Wes, Joe,
Grandpa Tuck and Will in our backyard.
Circa 1943: Me, Tom, Grandma Sis, and Eileen
Chalfin. Ask me about a story connected to this
Scott created this masterpiece for our 40th
anniversary in 2000. Julia's picture is a photo.
Click on the photo to see the legend showing
the names and heritage of each portrait!
More old pictures can be found on the Family Facts &
Fun Page and on Ancestry.com.
Circa 1968: Brent, Jill, and Scott. Scott would
like everyone to submit a family photo like
this and the older the better. Get busy!
1968: Mom, Hank, and me at 8508 Linderwood,
evidently on our way to a wedding. Not sure whose,
tho, and I guess Dad took our picture.
answered Scott's
call for a
family photo.
Can you guess
who this is?

Answer at
the bottom of
the page!
The beautiful baby picture is Nancy!!!
This picture of Mom and Uncle
Russell (Tooty) was taken at Coney
on Victory in Japan Day, August 15,
1945. I just took a copy of this
picture to him at Hospice. He was
showing it off to everyone! I keep
teasing him about being in the Navy
and not being able to swim.
Dad is in the front
row, bottom right.
Uncle Russell
(Tooty) is in the
second row, second
from the left. I
gave Uncle Tooty a
copy of this picture
today and he
rattled off many of
the names.
Sue with our dog Satan in New Richmond,
circa late 40's!
This picture is of Uncle Raymond (far right) on Victory in Japan
Day, August 15, 1945. He is in Egypt. I think it's pretty wonderful
that we have pictures of Mom's two brothers on V-J Day.
Unsure of date of this article about two
of the Shore brothers.
Circa 1965: Mom, Nancy, Tom, Amy,
Sher, and Brad.
Easter, 1967: Brent, Jill, Scott, Sher,
Brad, and Amy at 710 Clough Pike.
Uncle Ray when he was
a Reds coach.
Article and picture about Uncle Ray in 1965.
This is Nanny
smiling! Scott asked
me to add this to the
Oldies page as it is
one of his favorites.
This is one of the pictures that Zak put on Facebook and it's caused a lot of discussion. Brent, Jill,
Sher with hands on Scott, Brad, and Amy. We think it's Easter, 1967. Here are just a few

Brad: Had creases in my pants then. No wonder I was beat up on as a kid!
Tammy: (to Brad) You look like you are giving Scott an Indian burn.
Brad: I was. He just beat us in Trivia!
Brad: What's your best guess? What question do you think they asked that made Brent raise his
hand and Scott want to raise his hand but Jill and I kept them down?
Sher: Who loves Aunt Sherry the most?
Brad: Who wants to dress like Grandpa Tuck?

Here's the link to the
Facebook page.
These two photos were taken on September
2, 1959. It was Grandma Gertie's and
Grandpa Herb's 50th wedding anniversary.
They got married 102 years ago! You can see
their two sons, Jerry and Jack plus Grandma
Sis in the background. Since Tom and Nancy
and Hank & I just celebrated our 50th
anniversaries, we realize how the times have
changed and it's good we didn't look quite
this old. Must be good living!
These photos were
taken in August,
1965. I must have
been in the
hospital giving
birth to Scott.
Along with
Grandma Sis and
Aunt Nancy,
there's Chris,
Sherry, Amy,
Brent, Jill, and
Brad! Do you think
anybody peed in
the pool?
Mike Shore
and Tom in
Nanny &
Grandpa's back
yard on
Harvest. Too
This picture of Mom and Tammy was taken
when the four of them (including Dad and
Scott) went to Cooperstown in 1991!
Easter, 1995: Katie, Wes,
and Joe enjoying popsicles
at our house!
Halloween, 1966. I don't
remember what costume party
we were going to but Tom,
Nancy, me, and Hank sure
dressed up. I hope we were going
to a costume party!
Halloween, 1966:
These pictures were taken at our house
on Linderwood. Once the cousins lifted
their masks, you could see Jill, Brent,
Amy, Brad, and Sher. And who is that
scary guy in the window? Brent called
to ask me why I put him in such an odd
costume (he used different words).
Anyway, we all love seeing pictures of
these cousins in their younger years!
Summer, 1937: Mom & Dad at Lesourdsville Lake.
Since they were married on August 28, 1937, this
must have been right before the wedding. What a
nice looking couple!


1945-46? Tom (on right) and me (on left)
apparently at a WKRC radio program with Aunt
Dot (second from left in second row). I never did
find out what program it was. Anyway, we were
cuties, weren't we?
Click here to read a 4 page letter from Mom &
Dad's landlady, Mrs. Kuss! We called her Old Lady
Cuss. She was very mean-spirited. I do believe we
moved in with Nanny & Grandpa after they got
this letter from her. Enjoy!
Circa 1999?
Wes, Joe,
Daniel, Zak,
and Will. Our
5 grandsons!
Dec. 24, 1965: Tom, Nancy, Sher, Brad, & Amy!        Hank, me, Scott, Brent and Jill!
Circa 1998? Joe,
Wes, Daniel, and
Will. Not real
sure what they
were cheering
about but it looks
like they were
having fun!
Click here to see what is
hanging in the Reds Hall of
Fame at Great American Ball
Park. You will
have to View,
Zoom to
read the text.
Circa 1940: Delia Myers (my great-grandmother who was born 1
year after the Civil War ended), Ceil Huber (my godmother),
Gertie Buening (my grandmother), Mom, and Mr. Huber, my
Grandma Sis's confirmation
picture. What a beauty!
Chris and Katie's baby
pictures above, Mike's below.
Hank with a water gun to his
head at Scott and Tammy's
house on Mound Street. Don't
pull the trigger!!!
Easter 2000: Mom and Dad at Scott and Tammy's
house on Mound Street.
Katie in the tree at
Brent and Kindra's
house. Date
unknown. Thank
you Scott for both
of these photos.
Ira Shore, father of Sis Buening, who
died on Valentine's Day in 1967. Unsure
of date of this picture.
1967 Reds
Yearbook: Debbie,
Aunt Frannie, Uncle
Raymond, and
Stephanie. Thanks
for sending me this
Alonzo Shore (Ira's father)
with Aunt Dot and
Grandma Sis in the
background. Is this the
first known photograph of
Aly and her hat. How adorable!
Nov. 5, 1957: Pvt.
Henry J. Hannig,
Second Recruit
Training Battalion,
Marine Corps
Recruit Depot,
Parris Island, S.C.
Scary looking,
isn't he? Not really!
Amy, Brad, and Sher plus Jill, Brent, and
Scott posing formally. What handsome kids
we have!
Grandma Gertie and Grandpa Herb enjoying the Atlantic
Ocean. Sorry about the quality of the photo.
Scott dug up
and sent me
portraits! The
one on the
left is from
1976; not
sure of what
year the one
on the right
is. Anyone?
Hank has carried this picture in
his wallet and it got rather worn
(as have we). Mid seventies?
Most of our
grandkids have
had their
pictures taken
in old time
outfits. I framed
this for Hank.
Time marches
on! The bottom
picture was
taken 4/20/14.
Not sure of date
of top picture.
Too funny!
1998: Brent, Jill, Scott, Zak, Wes, Joe, Will, Katie,
and Daniel.
1994: Wes and his great-grandpa Tuck!
1993: Katie, me, Joe, and Zak on Joe's 1st
Mom, probably from the early 40's.
1999: Will and his great-grandma Sis!
Scott sent these pictures for the Oldies page. Left: Me, Tom, and Grandpa Herb (Grandpa Tuck's
Dad) in the mid 50's in New Richmond. Above: Scott called these two pictures, "Me and my
Grandpa!" Thanks Scott!
<-- 1971: Chris escorting
Grandmas Gertie &

--> 1963: The was the
last picture of Grandpa
Herb. He was 78 when he
<-- 1971: 2005: Me,
Scott, Joe, Tammy, Will,
and Julia at the
Cincinnati Museum

--> 1963: Ray Shore.
1967: Ira, Nanny, & Gertie. Not sure of
the occasion. Anyone know?
Dec 1951: Sue, me, Teri (Shore) Schmitt, and Tom.
Debbie (Shore) McNeal: A picture of Paul "Baby" Dixon
putting the infamous T-shirt on me at the Ohio State Fair.
Hubby Bob in the foreground trying to film while laughing.
Because I made such a spectacle of myself, surprise! They gave
me the traditional ft long sausage also. Fun times!
1950's: My
dad's good
friend, George
Wehman, gave
this to him.
Read what's on
the mug and
then click on
the picture to
see what the
other side of
the mug says.
Click on me!
1970's: Some of the
Buening cousins:
Jim, me, Chris, Sue,
Butchie, and Pam.
We were at Sue's
apartment on Corbly
but no one
remembers why!
1975: The Hannigs
and the Clarys in
Brent's bedroom on

Top row: Jill,
Bil, Denise,
Nicole, Brent.
Bottom row:
Scott and Brad.
Jennifer posted this on
Facebook on 4/21/2017:
"To all of you that
thought we wouldn't
make it! 4-21-07"
2008: Bradley, Brian, & Brad!