Internet Sites
You can download most of the games listed and play for an hour before
buying them and the rest are just online games and puzzles. Just try them
Addicting Games
Deal or No Deal
Hang The Alien
Pop Cap Games
Puff Ball
USA Today Puzzle
Birthday Year: Enter your birth year and watch the show!
How Many Days Old Are You?: Find out how many days old you
Longevity 1: This site calculates your expected life span based
on your lifestyle and family history.
Longevity 2: This site calculates your expected life span and
your virtual age.
This Day in History: Select any date to see births, deaths, and
historical events.
World Clock: Almost everything you want to know.
Year by Year: Select any year from 1900 to 2017 to see how
life was in that year.

1920's: Music and photos
50 Years of History:(120 pictures in 3 minutes)
If You Were A Girl in the 70's: A walk down memory lane for girls
in their 40's.
Jukebox: Plays free songs from 1950 to 1982.
Music & Artists (SongTube)!
Old Movie Stars dance to Uptown Funk
Old Radio Shows: Shows from the 30's, 40's, and 50's.
Old TV Shows: Nostaglic look at black & white TV shows.
Penny Postcards: Postcards from the past, based on locations.
You've Lived in Cincinnati if....: A funny walk down
memory lane.
All My Faves: Links to the most popular web sites.
Do Not Call Registry: Keeps annoying telemarketers away!
Dummies: The How-To books for dummies. Search for topics!
Famous Recipes : Inside recipes for famous foods
Family Watchdog: See if offenders are living in your neighborhood.
Fantastic Trips: Macro & micro views of our earth.
Halloween Light Shows:
- Bohemian Rhapsody
- Call Me Maybe
- Gangnam Style
- Moves Like Jagger
- This is Halloween
- Thriller
How To Sites:
- Dummies: The How-To books for dummies. Search for topics!
- eHow: This site tells you how to do most anything!
- How to Contact a Company Operator: How to reach a live person.
- Video How-To: This site shows you how to do most anything!
Hulu: Hulu is an online video service that offers hit TV shows, movies and clips for
JibJab: The website where you can watch hilarious videos plus add your own faces.
Local Gas Prices: Type in your zip code to see gas prices.
Newseum: Just select a city and paper and read that paper's front page.
OK Go:
Rube Goldberg Machine
- Upside Down & Inside Out
RAIDS: Shows crimes in your area.
Speed Trap Locations: Find out where the speed traps are!
Text to Speech: Type in words and an operator will speak.
Text to Speech Translator: Type in English words and have them translated.
The Onion: America's Finest News Source (but all stories are jokes!)
TMZ: The Twenty Mile Zone of Hollywood, covering celebrity gossip, videos and news.
Vietnam Wall: It is a virtual wall of those lost in this war. Click on a state, scroll
to the city, and the names will appear. Clicking on a name will give lots more info.
WebMD: Medical information.
Wikipedia: The free encyclopedia anyone can edit.
Wizards of Winter: The Mason, Ohio man who syncs Christmas lights action
and music.
YouTube: The website that let you broadcast yourself and where you can see others!
Zach King Vines
Zillow: Real estate site/house values.