Our Family Homes
3243 Harvest, Pleasant Ridge, OH. Nanny
& Grandpa Shore lived here for many years.
Mom, Dad, Tom, me, and Sue lived here for
one year. We lived on the top floor.
2644 Gilbert, Cincinnati, OH. Grandma Gertie and
Grandpa Herb lived here. They lived on the second
floor on the right. This is the only place I remember
when I was young.
3123 Woodsfield, Pleasant Ridge, OH. Mom,
Dad, Tom, and I lived here until 1947 when we
moved in with Nanny and Grandpa.
7127 Fowler, Maderia, OH. Nanny and
Grandpa lived in this small, two bedroom
house for many years. Remember the fun
times we had on Christmas Eve in their
R.R. 2, Box 308, New Richmond, OH (on 12
Mile Road). The top picture is when the
driveway was being put in. Mom and Dad
bought this home (it was a summer home with
one bedroom, no running water, and a
screened-in porch) in 1948. The bottom picture
was taken on Christmas, 1953. Chris was born
while they lived here. Tom and Nancy moved
in in 1959.
710 Clough, Withamsville, OH. Mom, Dad,
me, Sue, and Chris moved here. I was only
here until 1960 when I got married. Hank and
I moved into the apartment building that Tom
and Nancy had lived in when they were first
4143 Allendale, Oakley, OH. Tom and Nancy
lived here from May, 1959 until November, 1959
when they moved to New Richmond. Hank and I
lived here from September, 1960 until we moved
to 598 Clough Pike in 1962. Brent was born when
we lived here.
598 Clough Pike, Withamsville, OH. Hank and I
lived here from 1962 until 1965. Jill was born
when we lived here.
8508 Linderwood, Cherry Grove, OH. Hank & I
lived here from 1965 until 1977. Scott was born
when we lived here. We have been in our
current home since then.
101 Mound, Miamisburg, OH. Scott and Tammy
lived here from 1991 until 2006. Joe, Will, and
Julia were all born when they lived here. The
floor plan of this house was very similar to
Nanny & Grandpa's on Harvest.
4343 Dogwood Trail, N Olmsted, OH. Jennifer and Dan's home. They
moved in on 2/23/13.
6750 Spring Glen, Valley City, OH. Brad and Michele's 'forever'