Graduation Days!
Grandma Sis graduated from Withrow High School in 1934. As you know, Grandpa Tuck was her blind date for her graduation party. She immediately liked him because she wore a white dress and he told her she looked like an angel.
Grandpa Tuck graduated from Purcell High Scott in 1934. He had missed a year of school in his younger years due to illness. I do have both of their high school yearbooks if anyone would like to look at them.
Tom graduated from McNicholas High School in 1957. And this is exactly what he looked like when he starred in his first movie, "Some Came Running!"
Hank and I both graduated from McNicholas High School. Hank graduated in 1957 and I graduated in 1958. I found this blurb I sent in for my 50th reunion in 2008.
Brent and Jill both graduated from Anderson High School in 1980.

Brent graduated from CTC in 1983 and from Xavier University in 1992.
Sue's senior picture.
Reserved for Chris, Coni, their children, and grandchildren!
Send me your grad or senior pictures, yearbook notes, and info.
Scott graduated from Anderson High School in 1983.

Tammy graduated from Turpin in 1984.
Scott's 'senior' picture!