Cleaning a Computer

Cleaning a Computer 1

Remove programs. 1

SpyBot 1

Windows Updates. 2

Anti-Virus. 2

Internet Explorer 3

Scandisk & Defrag. 3

Remove programs

1.      Start, Settings, Control Panel.

2.      Add/Remove Programs.

3.      Search for programs that are illegal or unwanted.

4.      Highlight, and press Remove.

5.      Follow remaining instructions and repeat as necessary.

6.      It is safer to reboot the computer after each software package that is removed.  This should be done, even if the uninstall process does not ask to reboot the computer.




This is a free program. It cleans up spyware from your computer.




1.      Download

2.      Click the Next button.

3.       Accept the agreement and then click the Next button.

4.      Click the Next button to accept file location.

5.      Take the checkmarks off of Additional languages & Skins to change appearance and click the Next button.

6.       Click the Next button to accept the Start Menu folder.

7.       Uncheck the check boxes for Create desktop icons and Create a Quick Launch icon and then click the Next button.

8.       Click the Install button.

9.       Click the Finish button to complete the installation.


Search & Destroy


1.      Once installed, locate the program in the Start, Programs, Spybot - Search & Destroy, Spybot-S&D (advanced mode).

2.      Click English for the language to use.

3.       Click the OK button for the Legal Stuff. The program will open.

4.       Click the “Search & Destroy” icon.

5.       Click on the “Check for problems” button. When it is finished checking for problems, your screen may look like this.

6.       Click the “Fix selected problems” button at the bottom of this screen.  This will correct the problems found in the scan.

7.       Click the Yes button to continue with the cleanup of spyware.

8.       The results should indicate that all found issues have been resolved (green check marks).

Windows Updates

1.      Open Internet Explorer

2.      Go to “Tools” menu option, and select “Windows Update” in the drop down menu

3.      If the first time, then you will be prompted to accept a download from Microsoft.  Click “Yes” button.

4.      Click the “Scan for updates” link

5.      Click on “Review and install updates” link.

6.      Review the updates.  Some updates require only that update be installed by itself.  If there is one or more of these, determine which one to install and remove all of the others.

7.      Install recommended updates and accept reboot


1.      Make sure the computer has the latest virus definitions.

2.      Run a complete virus scan of the computer’s hard drive(s).

Internet Explorer

1.      Open Internet Explorer.

2.      Select Tools, Internet Options.

3.      On the General Tab:

a.       Click on the Settings button under Temporary Internet Files.

b.      Choose “Every time you start Internet Explorer.”

c.       Choose View Files and delete all files.

d.      Choose View Objects and right-mouse click on unfamiliar ones to check Properties. If illegal or unneeded, right-mouse click and select Remove. Close Download Program Files window and press OK.

e.       Click Delete Cookies, OK.

f.        Click Delete Files, put checkmark by Delete all offline folders, OK.

g.       Click Clear History, Yes.

Scandisk & Defrag

1.      Select My Computer and right-mouse click on C drive.

2.      Tools, Error Checking, Check Now. (Do not put checkmarks by Automatically fix file system errors or Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.

3.      When that is finished, select Defragment Now.