Camp Grandmaís 2012


Sunday, July 15: We started this yearís Camp Grandmaís by picking up Will and Julia after having spent the night at Belterra Casino where we had gone to see comedian Don Rickles. It was an hour and a half drive and when we arrived, they were both still packing because their overnight guests (Abby and Robbie) had just left. We arrived at our house around 1:00.


After unpacking, we decided to go to Graeterís because it was National Ice Cream Day and they were selling cones for $1.42. We stopped at the Dollar Tree first, then went to Graeterís, and brought grandpa home a strawberry sundae.


Julia, of course, wanted to play school! So we started playing around 3:00 and played every time we werenít doing anything else. Sometimes she was the teacher and sometimes I was.


Katie came over later in the afternoon to pick up two DVDís of Harry Potter that Will had brought for her. She stayed about an hour and we all just sat and yakked!


We had Skyline Chili for dinner at home and then Julia decided she wanted to go to Julifís Park. Will wanted to stay home so off we went. There were only 3 other kids there. Julia played for about an hour.


When we got home, we again played school. We all had snacks and they went to bed because they had been up so late the night before.


Monday, July 16: Julia slept until 10:00! She was tired. She had Bob Evans biscuits and gravy and Will ate a peanut butter sandwich for brunch. We left around 12:30 to go to Pierce Point Theater to see The Amazing Spiderman in 3D. We were the only ones in the theater!


We shopped at Kroger for donuts and other goodies and headed home. We then played school of course until dinner time. We had chicken strips, fries, and corn. Julia had an individual Banquet apple pie for dessert (only a ľ and then she ate the rest for her snack at night).


We started to play school after dinner but then Julia spotted Carson across the street. She went over and ended up playing all evening with Carson but mostly with his sister Morgan. Will joined then and I finally had to get them in at 10:30 because we were getting up early Tuesday morning to go to Coney.


Tuesday, July 17: We picked Katie up around 9:15 and went to Coney Islandís Sunlite Pool. I had brought Krispy KrŤme glazed donuts with us so we ate our breakfast there. We spent most of our time there in the pool as it was in the upper 90ís. I went down the Twister with Will in the double inner tube. It was SO FAST! Will probably went down 20 or more times.


Katie and I spent most of our pool time each holding onto a float so that Julia could hold on to each handle and do flips over and over and over! We bought a LaRosaís pepperoni pizza for lunch. We stayed four hours and left around 2:00, heading home for showers and laundry.


We just chilled until dinner. Grandpa and I had never been to Chick-Fil-A so Scott and Tammy had sent down a gift card so thatís where we had dinner. YUM!!! We were too stuffed to get a malt so we went home. Julia and I then decided to go to Michaelís. She spent $5.00 of her $10.00 on stuff she liked and I bought her a bright, lime-green tee shirt and 3-D Puffy paints. Luckily I had a gift card for Michaelís so dinner and crafts were free to me!


When we got home, Julia spent the rest of the evening playing with Morgan. They sat on our swing drinking root beer and talking.


Wednesday, July 18: Since we were having company in the early afternoon, I spent my morning cleaning the downstairs (which I normally do not do during Camp Grandmaís!)

After lunch, Daniel called and said he was on his way. He arrived after 1:00 and said that he had driven his cousin Bennett who had spent the night at his house back to Batesville, Indiana. So he visited both his grandmas in the same day! What a grandson!


Our company was to be Michelle, her son Jason, his two children (Julia 4 and Brandon 1 Ĺ), and her granddaughter, Emma, 3. Emma, however, was ill so Alex picked her up from Michelleís and the rest of them got there around 2:00. Julia, Will, and Daniel all interacted with the young ones and they seemed to enjoy themselves. Jason reminded me that I had taught him how to juggle and that he eventually had learned to juggle while riding his bike. So we got out the juggling bags and he dazzled us with his juggling skills!


Michelle brought Grandpa a small apple pie and me some homemade fudge. It was getting ready to storm so they left around 4:30. I sent Michelle an email later, thanking her again for the visit and the gifts, and part of her email response was this:


Your grandchildren are so sweet.  Jason and the children had a wonderful visit.  Julia was as comfortable as she is at her own home.  Sometimes she can be a bit shy.  Your Julia is such a charming young woman.  She was so good with the little ones. 


For dinner we had ham, macaroni & cheese, and corn-on-the-cob. After dinner, I asked the boys if they wanted to go to Scallywag Tag (it was still raining). They just wanted to chill and do lots of activities on Thursday. So once again, Julia and I ventured out shopping. We went to Staples, Target, and of course the Dollar Tree. We brought home a few goodies for the boys.


Julia can in around 11:00 and asked me if she should call the boys in. They were sitting on our front porch with Sydney & Bailey, two of the triplets from across the street. I said no, of course, and she went to bed. They stayed out on our front porch so I stayed up as long as I could because I knew they were having fun. At 12:15, I flipped the porch light once, went to the kitchen and started making coffee. They didnít come in. I knocked on the front door, went back to the kitchen to finish making coffee, and they still didnít come in. So, I finally opened the front door and told them that they didnít pick up on my signals very well. They all laughed and said they thought the knock was ding-dong ditch or Julia! I told them it was almost 12:30 so the party broke up.


Thursday, July 20: It poured down rain most of the morning so I figured we wouldnít be able to do the go-carts or play putt-putt golf. I fixed French toast for brunch around 11:00 and then they all took showers. Our first stop was Cherry Grove Lanes. Julia didnít want to bowl so only Daniel and Will bowled. It was kind of funny renting two pair of size 12 bowling shoes! Daniel was off to a good start with three strikes. Danielís scores were 144 and 138 and Willís were 96 and 83.


Our next stop was Scallywag Tag. They had a special that if you bought two games, the third one was free so they each played three games. We had about 20 minutes before their first game so they each got tokens and played the arcade games.


From there we went to Gabriel Brothers because Daniel wanted to buy a pair of gym shoes. And then of course they wanted to go to the Dollar Tree for more candy and goodies.


When we got home, Julia went across the street and played with Carson and Morgan. The boys chilled until dinner. Before I fixed dinner, Julia and I went to our Ďspaí upstairs and she did my hair and makeup! We had polish kielbasa, fried potatoes, corn, green beans, pears, and applesauce. After dishes, they all went outside to gather with the kids across the street. However, they came back in at 9:00 because the neighbors had to go inside because their parents were out. We watched Wipeout and the movie Splash.


Friday, July 21:


The boys were up early but I had to wake Julia up around 10:00. I made cinnamon coffee cake for breakfast. Julia and I went to the butchers and when we got back, the boys were loading up the refrigerator with drinks. We left around 12:15 to see some more movies. Julia and I saw Katy Perryís Part of Me in 3D. The boys saw The Dark Knight Rises. Once again, we ate popcorn and candy for lunch! Our movie got out much earlier than the boys so Julia and I drove across the street to Kroger and bought the non-perishables on my grocery list. We then spent some time at Family Dollar. We went back to the Pierce Point Theater and still had over a half hour to wait for the boys. I got a message from Kindra that Wes would be able to come and would be at our house around 5:00.


From the movies, we drove directly to Eastgate Adventures and they rode the go carts. Julia rode with Daniel and then they fed the ducks. One the way home we stopped at Kroger in Cherry Grove and finished the rest of the groceries on my list. When we got home, Wes was there!


We had planned to go to Immaculate Heart of Maryís festival Friday night and I told the kids I would give them each $10.00 and they could buy whatever they wanted for dinner there. Will spoke up and asked if he could have a 3-way at our house before he went. Good thinking, Will! When we got home, Wes was there.


We all followed Willís idea and ate at home. He and I had Skyline, grandpa had pizza bread, and the boys all had chicken strips, BBQ chips, and fresh fruit. Wes decided he didnít want to go to the festival and soon, Daniel and Will decided to stay home too, just like last year.


So Julia and I ventured up to the festival. We walked around, she played on the playground, and she got a snow cone and hot pretzel. We hadnít found any kids games but then I saw a sign saying kids games were in the gym. They had a really nice setup. You bought tickets and when you played the game, they gave you tickets as prizes. Then you could cash them in all at once and get better prizes. Julia played almost every game they had but found one she couldnít resist. For one ticket, you got three balls to roll down a board which had numbers 1ís, 2ís, and 3ís. So the least you could win was 3 tickets and the most you could win was 9 tickets! She couldnít lose of course. It was like her personal ATM. You would think they would have marked some with 0ís.


She also used some tickets for face painting (cupcake) and hair painting. She cashed out almost 40 tickets (she had bought only 8) and even gave 3 tickets to a little girl as we were leaving. We were there over two hours. I filled up the gas tank on the way home.


Daniel and Will were across the street and Julia talked Will into going across the street with her. She came in later to say that she was going to let Wes pull her loose tooth if it didnít come out before she went to bed. But before she went back outside, she pulled it herself! The tooth fairy here is good for $5.00. She went back outside after calling her parents and they all ended up playing flashlight tag but came back in a little after ten.


Saturday, July 21: The final day of campL! Since all four grandchildren were going to be here in the morning, we saved this morning for their favorite Ďmancakeí breakfast which consisted of blueberry pancakes, bacon, link sausages, eggs, and potatoes. After breakfast, they showered and Daniel had to leave to go to work. Grandpa and Will left to get haircuts at Terryís. Wes and Julia amused themselves while I cleaned and prepared food for Tammyís and Scottís birthday dinner. I fixed two crock pots of roast beef, cut up the potatoes for mashed potatoes, made a cheese-broccoli casserole, made a fruit salad, baked a chocolate pie, and made a cherry cheesecake.


Our Ďguestsí started to arrive around 5:00 and soon the house was full again with our wonderful family members. The only two missing were Joe and Daniel who had to work. Hopefully everyone enjoyed dinner, dessert, and their birthday gifts.


After dinner there was the usual wiffle ball home run derby and the evening was so pleasant, we sat outside. Everyone left around 9:00 and another Camp Grandmaís ended. Now that the boys have grown up, this isnít the same kind of camp it was when they were smaller but all four grandkids were delightful to entertain and fun to be with. As I keep saying, grandmaís house is a place where cousins become friends and that is certainly true at this house. And my other favorite saying is that nobody had more fun than I did. Love you all!