Camp Grandma’s Rules & Information-2007

1.    Do not move any of the TV remotes!

2.    Decide among yourselves who is sleeping where.

3.    You will be painting T-Shirts this year so start designing how you want yours to look.

4.    You’ll each have your own color of towels and wash cloths this year.

5.    Put your suitcase and belongings in a bedroom.

6.    Pick up after yourself right away. This includes your dishes, garbage, clothes, toys, games, etc. I will give you bags for your dirty clothes.

7.    Do not leave any candy wrappers around. Throw them away immediately.

8.    Do not take any food or drinks upstairs.

9.    No running up and down the stairs.

10.  Do as you are told right away, no arguing.

11.  You can trade items from your goody bags.

12.  Mark your items.

13.  Share time on the computer.

14.  Be nice to each other.

15.  Wash your hands before and after meals.

16.  Ask before eating snacks or getting drinks. As a rule, you can have unlimited snacks after dinner but no snacks between breakfast & lunch and no snacks two hours before dinner.

17.  No picking on each other, tripping, or starting fights.

18.  Since this is a ‘camp,’ try to keep computer & TV time to a minimum. You’ll have plenty of time to do those activities when it is winter and you’re not with your cousins.


This Year’s Activities:

Monday is Will’s birthday so we’ll let him choose most of the activities and meals.

On Tuesday, we will head to Kentucky to visit Big Bone Lick State Park and then on to visit the Bengals Training Camp.

On Wednesday, (Aug 1), we will go to Coney. We’ll go on rides first (at 11), then go to Sunlite pool to swim.

On Thursday afternoon, Grandpa is taking you to get haircuts take you to BW3’s!


Here is a new Independent Living Skill for all of you. As a team, you will plan a dinner. One of you will be responsible for the salad, one the meat, one the vegetable, and one the dessert. Work together to come up with a tasty sounding meal. Then we will go to Kroger’s for you to purchase the needed items but you can spend no more than $25.00 total. Then you will be in charge of preparing, cooking, and serving the meal!

Now, let’s have fun!