Brides & Grooms
Written by my Dad, J. Tuck Buening: "By the time I was out of high
school, 1934, remember?, one Robert "Red" Murphy, a classmate,
arranged a blind date for me. Red was dating Dot Shore, and I was lined up
with her younger sister, Mildred Marcella. It was her graduation night,
from Withrow. What a night!

I called for her, and she was dressed in a white gown. She was as brown as
a berry... smart ole me... I told her she looked like an angel, and she did!
At that time, I did not know that she had been told by one of her grade
school teachers that she would never get into heaven, since she was so tan.
Man, I rode the high rail that night, and from then on, too. You're lucky
that I knew the right thing to say.... you all got a Mommy..... and I got a
lover! We went together from 1934 to August 28, 1937, when we were
married.  We were married in the priest's  parlor."
We attended McNicholas and his sister Mary was my best friend and we
often double-dated. Mary and I were on a committee for an Alumni
Dance following our graduation. I needed a date because I had just gotten
dumped by the guy she had fixed me up with, Hank volunteered to take
me. We started dating in the fall of 1958; got engaged in November, 1959;
and got married on September 3, 1960!
Sue wrote:  It was my first day of work at Major's Jeweler's in Ft. Lauderdale. And he pronounced BUENING correctly! KISMET!!! Sue and Scott were married in a Catholic ceremony
on February 12th and in a Jewish ceremony on February 13th in 1983!
Written by Coni: My better and I met on a
blind date where we were introduced to each
other at a Christmas party. We knew only
lettle details on each other. We talked, we
danced, and I was taken away with him. I
remember how great he smelled from the
cologne he was wearing and how well dressed
he was. (Still dresses very well I might add).
Anyway, what impressed me the most was at
the end of the night when he walked me to
my car, he asked me if he could call on me
again and he asked if he could kiss me!!! I
have been saying yes ever since.

Coni and Chris, with Amanda and Alex in
this picture, were married May 14, 1999.
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Randy and Sara Hamby were
married May 10, 2003. I don't have
the story of how they met.
Lisa and Alex were married on May
5, 2007. Per Lisa, they met in high
school during study hall. Alex hit on
her first!
Amanda and Ernie were married on
September 13, 2008. Per Amanda, she met her
fiance through his cousin and her best friend
who set them up on a date. We have been
together since and we have a wee one who
shares our life with us now and our bed!
Nancy wrote: We met at a neighbor's house (the Kelly's) in New Richmond. I was friends with the whole family and your parents were friends with
Kelly's too. Tom and Nancy were married on May 16, 1959! Look carefully at my wedding dress below. Nancy was kind enough to let me wear her
dress. Thank you again, Nancy.
Brent and Kindra met by playing on the same company co-ed softball team. If memory serves me, I was told that Brent was heading to left field and as he passed Kindra playing shortstop,
he said to her, "Cover my ass!" She's been doing it ever since. They were married May 4, 1991.
Jill and Mike met at a softball field. Where else, asks Jill! They  were married on May 22, 1982.
Scott wrote: It was an unusually warm March day back in the year of 1986. I was hanging out with my friend, Sterling Gooch. Sterling was helping
build the house of Dave Patterson, who had purchased a parcel of land from Sterling's dad. I was there for the night. Meanwhile back at the
Cherry Grove Meijer store, my future bride made plans to go out that evening with her friend, Cara. They were going to the Clifton area. About 10
o'clock that evening, plans changed for her and me. She with her friend Cara and me meeting up with my firned Art Borger, decided to go to
Airharts off Beechmont Ave. Scott and Tammy were married on October 18, 1986!
Jim and Sherry got married on October 3, 1981 so they
will be celebrating their 30th anniversary very soon! For
our "How We Met" contest, Sher wrote: "Jim and I are
boring. We met at school and had been friends for a few
years. After I broke up with my boyfriend, we just
started hanging out more and one thing led to another!"

Everyone in the family is happy that the two of you are
together. You are an amazing couple that bring joy to
all those around you.

What a handsome couple!