July 20, 2013: At Tammy's birthday party dinner, at least four of the guys got the memo on how to coordinate their clothing! And the oldest (95) and the youngest (9 months) enjoy each other's company. Click here for Tammy's photos.
Pictures and News 2013 (from 7-19 to 12-31)
July 19, 2013: Bart and Amy at a Zac Brown Concert at First Niagara Pavillion.
July 21, 2013: Swinging Lincoln!
July 21, 2013: Amanda in Chicago. Check out her Facebook page for more pictures.
July 27, 2013: Alex & Lisa all dressed up (again!) Awesome looking couple.
July 25, 2013: Julia talking with Aunt Sue on Julia's birthday. She had been at Scott's work all day.
July 2013: Dan and Jennifer having so much fun!
July 30, 2013: On Will's 17th birthday, Tammy posted this picture of Will, aka Grandpa Tuck! Looking good grandpa!
July 28, 2013: Julia blowing out 11 candles and Will blowing out 17 candles during their joint celebration! --->

August 3, 2013: Brad's 50th birthday celebration. Click
here for Kindra's pictures and here for Tammy's pictures. A really great time was had by all!
August 5, 2013: Lincoln on his first bike. It won't be long before he's on a Harley!
August 5, 2013: A Shore cousins' lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Clockwise: Me, Linda, Teri, Debi, Stephanie, Sue, and Nancy! Ain't we young and gorgeous?
August , 2013: Jill, Mike, Katie, Chris, and Brooke spent a week in Destin, Florida. It looks like Brooke and Katie are under the water!

<--August 10, 2013: Me, Tammy, Jill, Katie, Brooke, Julia, Hank, Scott, Sue, and Scott at Skyline for Scott H's 48th birthday!
August 12, 2013: Lincoln's first birthday!

August 11, 2013:
Tiffany, Lincoln, and Jimmy at Lincoln's first birthday party!
August 10, 2013: It looks like Brooke is very happy to see Julia and vise-versa! Click here for more photos.
August 11, 2011: Julia is blowing out Scott's candles at his birthday party. Click here for more photos.
August 12, 2013: Sherry and Jim's new barn. It looks glorious!
August 12, 2013: Mike, Nancy, me, and Chris after playing 18 holes at The Vineyard!
August 13, 2013: Lincoln finally had enough partying!
August 14, 2013: We celebrated Hank's mom Adella's 95th birthday with 35 family and friends at the Olive Garden. And of course I needed to include Brooke and one of our photographers Tammy. Click here to see more of Tammy's pictures.
August 21, 2013: Back to school for Will (Junior) and Julia (Sixth Grade). Daniel is now at Findlay and Wes is back at Miami.

August 26, 2013: Alyssa ready for the Second Grade!

Study hard you guys!
August 2013: Jim and Sher with their friends flying to Detroit to see Kid Rock.
August 25. 2013: Brent (with help from Kindra, Wes, and Joe) building a wall to keep their hill from caving in. Looks like a lot of work to me!
August 30, 2013: Julia all face-painted and ready to root for the Miamisburg Vikings football team!
+ Zak is currently in Europe visiting London, Geneva, and France according to his Facebook.

+ Tammy is still recovering from her shoulder surgery and is quite bored!

+ Sue will have her surgery soon.
September 1, 2013: Zak on top of Mont Blanc in France.
Sept. 5, 2013 -->
Lincoln picking out some albums!

Sept. 8, 2013 <--
Amanda and Damion at the Browns first football game!
Sept.7, 2013: Alyssa fast asleep with her friends!
Sept. 10, 2013: Aly and the Browns mascot! He came to their station to take pictures of the staff as they now carry the Browns game.
Sept. 7, 2013: Scott, Will, and Joe dressed for a friend's funeral whose favorite color was purple.
Sept. 14, 2011: Brent organized a shooting day at his co-workers home and I shot guns for the first time. Brent, Kindra, Kindra's mom Nan, Wes, Ali, our friends Ed and Jan, and Hank & I had a wonderful afteroon. The hosts were awesome. I will publish Kindra's link to Snapfish after she uploads them.
Sept. 15, 2013: Alex, Emma, and Lisa enjoying Florida!
Sept. 17, 2013:  It was 80's day at Julia's school!
Sept. 22, 2013: Swinging Brooke at the park before the Bengals. She's worn her outfit both game days and the Bengals have won!

Sept. 21, 2013: Amanda and Damon at a winery in Niagara Falls. They hit 14 of them in one day. Good job guys!
Sept. 24, 2013: Brooke is ready for Halloween!
Sept. 28, 2013: Bart with Lincoln on his & Amy's 17th Anniversary!
Sept. 27, 2013: Joe, Hope, Tammy, Scott, Hank, & me at the buffet at Horseshoe Casino on Joe's 21st birthday! He and Hope then went to the Reds game!!
Sept. 28, 2013: Dan and Jennifer looking good!
Sept. 29, 2013: Julia & her Girl Scout friend Olivia acting silly. LINK
Sept. 29, 2013: Emma and Lisa apple picking.
Joe's birthday!
Oct. 3, 2013: Me, Brooke, and Jill at the zoo. Katie took the picture.
Oct. 4, 2013: Lincoln's 1st motorcycle!
Oct. 5, 2013: Emma, Joey, Alyssa, and Casey at a Pumpkin Farm. It looks like Emma found her pumpkin!
Oct. 6, 2013: Scott and Julia playing 'Fibber' where your nose grows.
Oct. 5, 2013: Jim, Sher, and Bradley at Trivi Fountain.
Oct. 10, 2013: Joey and Casey looking very manly, handsome, and happy!
Oct. 10, 2013: Aly posted this picture on Facebook of herself on a magazine but I don't know the full story. I'm sure there is one!

Oct. 2013: Amanda B and Damien in the great world of Disney! Where are your ears?
Oct. 12, 2013: Emma completed her soccer season and received her trophy. Way to go Emma!
Oct. 12, 2013: Brooke's first birthday party! She was happy during the whole party and had a great time. Click here to see Tammy's pictures and here for Kindra's pictures.
Oct. 13, 2013: The DeZarn's on Bengals Day!
Oct. 2013: Congratulations to Amanda and Damian on their engagement. He popped the question at Disney World's Epcot Center and Amanda said YES! Awesome! Congrats! Good Luck! Can't wait for the wedding!!!!!
Oct. 13, 2013: Wes & Ali at Kings Island's Haunted House!
Oct. 19, 2013: Jimmy, Lincoln, and Grandpa Tom What a good-looking trio!
Oct. 18, 2013: Congratulations to Bart! He earned the President's Club this year as a corporate director at Indiana Wesleyan University. This is the highest honor an employee can get. Bart was actually number one in the country for his position. Very few get nominated for it and even less get picked. There will be a ceremony that spouses are invited to in Scottsdale, Arizona in November. Way to go Bart!
Oct. 21, 2013: (Camera date was wrong). Can you spot the live mannequin?
Oct. 26, 2013: Jennifer, Aly, and Amanda. Looks like the Buening granddaughters are having fun!
Oct. 31, 2013: Pretty princess Alyssa and Casey & Joey on Hallow-een!
Oct. 2013: Big cycle for Jimmy and little cycle for Lincoln. How adorable are these?
Oct. 31, 2013: Aly 'Whoopie Goldberg' at the office.
Oct. 31, 2013: Dragon Lincoln!
Nov. 1, 2013: Emma                        Brooke                                         Julia
Nov. 1, 2013: Wes & Ali at the Forum!
Nov. 2, 2013: Brent & Jill's Birthday party. It looks like Brooke is enjoying Julia's Kindle!
Click on Brooke!
Nov. 9, 2013: AAAAH!
How cute is Lincoln--Look at that smile--I need a hug and a kiss! Love ya Lincoln.
Nov. 9, 2013: Amanda and Coni at Amanda's baby shower, hosted by Coni & Sara. Big sister Alyssa gives her Mom a hug. Click here to check out more pictures from Tammy. It was a wonderful shower!
Nov. 9, 2013: Brooke and Emma playing tag. Casey's on the ground!
Nov. 16, 2013: Will and Brooke.    
Nov. 26, 2013: Brooke and snow!   
Nov. 27, 2013: Julia helping her mom with Thanksgiving baking.
Nov. 28, 2013: Scott and Will reenacting a scene from Titanic after beating the ladies in Trivia Pursuit.
Nov. 28, 2013: Julia and Zak and the wishbone; Brooke wearing my glasses, and the best news of the day, Brooke wearing her Big Sister shirt! As Jill wrote on Facebook, "The only thing that could possibly be better than having a grandchild is having another!
Nov. 29, 2013: Katie, Will, Daniel, Julia, Wes, Ali, and Julia after the Christmas decorations were up (Zak left before this pic).  Daniel Julia, Zak, and Katie decorating the tree. What wonderful helpers!
Dec. 1, 2013: Damion and Amanda on the slopes!
Nov. 30, 2013: Lisa, Santa, and Emma. She's been a good girl, Santa!
Dec. 3, 2013: Lincoln in his big-boy chair!
Nov. 28, 2013: The gang at our house on Thanksgiving!
Amanda and Damion have set their wedding date on May 31st. Congratulations!!!! And Congratulations to Katie and Chris who are expecting a baby in July!

And I just want to say what a wonderful Thanksgiving I had. The day itself was wonderful and started off with Brooke wearing her 'Big Sister' shirt and that gave us all something to be thankful for. Then we had six 'guests' spend the night so they could help put up our Christmas tree and other decorations: Wes, Ali, Daniel, Will, Julia, and Julia. Joe and Hope would have stayed too but they both had to work early the next day. Then Katie and Zak joined us Friday so we had eight wonderful people who did one terrific job. Thank you kids!!!
Dec. 5, 2013: Joey in his Bosco shirt!

Dec. 6, 2013: Alyssa in the snow!
Dec. 7, 2013:
Heeeeere's Lincoln!

Okay, what did you guys do to get this look on his face?

Too funny!!!
Dec. 24, 2103: Julia & Brooke at Jill and Mike's Christmas Eve party; Alyssa opening one of her many Christmas gifts.
Dec. 17, 2013: This is me the day after I had lung cancer surgery. All went well and I was at Jewish Hospital for 8 days. My progress has been marked by many emails but I just wanted to add this picture here so I wouldn't forget. We are celebrating our Christmas on New Year's Day but this ordeal has even reaffirmed that there is so much love in this family. I could not have gotten through this without everyone's selfless contributions of time, food, gifts, calls, emails, and visiting. Thank you all!!!
Dec. 25, 2013: Lincoln and Emma on Christmas Day!
Dec. 25, 2013: Casey & Joey on Christmas Day!
Dec. 25, 2013: Julia and Will on Christmas Day!
Dec. 15, 2013: Lincoln, Tiffany, Santa, and Jimmy. I forgot to post this earlier. Maybe next year will be better Lincoln! See your mom and dad are smiling!
Dec. 29, 2013:--> Poor Lincoln has no drums to play. What a setup! Good job Lincoln!!!

<-- Dec. 29, 2013:
Alyssa dressed for the Bengals victory! Who Dey!
Dec., 2013: Sue and Scott on their latest cruise ship, the Celebrity Eclipse. They won the five day team (6 people per team) progressive Trivia contest!!!
Dec. 30, 2013: This is a fitting picture for the last photo posted in 2013. Hank finally won over Brooke and here they are, watching music videos on the computer. It took food bribery and walking around the house with her showing her photos like her Grandpa Mike does, but they are finally buddies (forever)!