2013 Golf Outing - June 8
This year's annual Buening Golf Outing was both wonderful and a little sad that no one from Cleveland was able to join us due to illnesses. Zak also missed his first one ever. We did have two new participants in the festivities--Ali (Wes's girlfriend) and Hope (Joe's girlfriend). The weather was perfect!

Amanda M won the Best Golfer Award; Brent came in second; Lisa came in third.

Casey won the Junior Trophy. It was the first time he ever played golf and he did a spectacular job!

Jill won the coveted Tucker Award--she even said she played like crap! She was too happy to receive it. If you look closely at the picture, it looks like Brooke is giving her the finger!

Ali won longest putt (and it was her first time ever playing golf too) and I won closest to the pin.

Wes and Daniel won the egg toss.

And last but not least, Tiffany won the contest (What Skill Would You Like To Have) with a total of 12!

Oh, one more contest--the girls (actually Ali & I with some help from Jill & Tammy on occasion) beat the boys (actually Wes & Scott). Let's keep up the tradition ladies!

here for Tammy's pictures and here for Kindra's. Click here to go to the Family Page to see past winners and contest results for 2013.