Pictures and News 2013
Jan. 3, 2013: Katie posted this on Facebook and wrote: " Me and my girl looking in the mirror."
Jan. 4, 2013: Tiffany posted this on Facebook and wrote: "Lincoln's first attempt at food. He was totally weirded out."
Jan. 13, 2013: Lincoln in his jeep that Grandma bought!
Jan. 13, 2013: Brooke in purple--Go Ravens!
Jan. 20, 2013: Nancy and Lincoln during Scott, Tammy, Will, and Julia's visit to Cleveland to see The Christmas House Story. It looks like Kid and Bubba like to share their toys! Click here for The Gang pics & here for The Boys pics. 
Jan. 20, 2013: Click here for more photos of Jim, Sher, Scott, Tammy, Will, and Julia. Sure looks like they had fun!
Jan. 20, 2013: Brooke loves her jumperoo!


Julia's rotation for safety patrol!
Jan. 25, 2013: Scott amuses Brooke and he also soothes her. He is the Baby Whisperer! Click here for more photos.
Jan. 25, 2013: This was Julia's half-birthday. Scott and Tammy always celebrate their kids half-birthdays with a treasure hunt. Julia had to follow clues and solve riddles to find her treasure chest! Click here for more pics.
Jan. 27, 2013: Aly, Amy, and Jennifer at ABC the Tavern.
Jan. 27, 2013: Amanda wrote "My morning monster!
Jan. 27, 2013: Sue and Scott just returned from another cruise! Small world--Michele's Dad and his wife were also on this cruise and spent some time with Sue & Scott.

Here's a picture of them at the Captain's Table. What a good-looking couple!
Jan. 30, 2013: Happy Baby Lincoln!!!
Jan. 30, 2013: This was Will's half-birthday.  Click here for more pics.
Feb. 2, 2013: Lincoln sitting in his sling!
Feb. 3, 2013: Brooke gave out her Valentine's Day card to everybody at our house on Super Bowl Sunday. Click here for pictures that Tammy took. I think Brooke is in every one of them.
Feb. 8, 2012: Aunt Aly bought this bib for Lincoln, put it on him, and posted this adorable picture on Facebook. Any calls yet Aly? :)
Feb. 10, 2013: Jill brought Brooke over to visit with us and Hank held Brooke for the first time. She was not happy. Click here for a few more pictures. Thanks Jill!
Feb. 9, 2013: The Hamby clan went to the zoo. The kids saw some animals up close and did some arts and crafts. It looks like Randy helped Casey and Joey have some fun!
Feb. 17, 2013: Julia with her best friend Melissa. Will, Julia, and Melissa spent the weekend with us after celebrating Mike's birthday dinner. Click here for more pictures.

Go to the Family Fun page to see them dance to Gangnam Style.
Feb. 16, 2012: Mike's 52nd Birthday dinner. Click here for more photos but most of them are pictures of Brooke!


here for another video of Brooke laughing!
Feb. 21 (Brooke) and Feb. 26 (Lincoln). Just two cuties enjoying life. Keep up the good work Moms!
Feb. 27, 2013: Alyssa being taught early to pitch in and Grandma Amy getting some loving from Lincoln. It's all good, isn't it?
Mar. 6, 2013: Grandpa Mike giving a laundry basket ride to Brooke! Looks like she's having big fun!
Mar. 10, 2013: Emma at the river. Looking too cute girl!
Mar. 12, 2013: Lincoln's first time at the dinner table. What a cute family!
Mar. 13, 2013: New home-owners,
Dan & Jennifer!
Mar. 15, 2015: Julia in her St. Patrick's duds!
Mar. 16, 2013: Scott and Sue went to see the Lippenzaner Stallions practice. Looks like they got up close and personal!
Mar. 17, 2013: Casey hold Joey on the pony!
Mar. 17, 2013: Alex and Emma in a tree! Why not?
Mar. 2013: Lincoln and Brooke both reading their books. Looks like they're getting a jump on school. Keep up the good work parents!
Mar. 2013: Brooke giving (eating) the finger and smiling with her Uncle Zak!
Mar. 2013: Katie styled Brooke's hair and boy, is she looking good!
Mar. 23, 2013: Joey got some firemen items for his 3rd birthday. I'll bet he wants to be a fireman when he grows up.

Mar. 23, 2013: It looks like Jennifer is doing some practice shooting. Good for you Jennifer!
Easter Sunday. No caption necessary!
Easter Sunday with Lincoln: With Grandma and Grandpa, with Dad, with Mom, and sitting up like the big man he is!
Scott had these business cards made up just for fun. I thought they were adorable!
April 5th & 3rd: Scott, Tammy, Will, and Julia spent a week in Connecticut to see their new grand-niece and spent a day in New York and Salem. On their way home, they called Jim and Sher and met them for dinner. I'm not sure what Jim and Julia were doing in the first picture but it looked like fun!
Apr 4, 2013: Casey and Mr. Red and Joey in his Reds hat. Looks like he's practicing catching.
Apr 7, 2013: Brooke and her blue, blue eyes!
Apr 7, 2013: Alyssa at the Cincinnati Zoo!
Apr 9, 2013: A darling picture of Lincoln sent by his doting grandma Amy. Thanks Amy!!!
Apr 4, 2013: Sisters' day out in Salem, Mass. Heather, Tammy, Sandy (sister-in-law) and Julie. Click here for photos of New York and Salem.
Apr 13, 2013: Emma celebrates her 4th birthday with a party. Happy Birthday Emma!
These are pictures from Julia's Daddy-Daughter Dances from Kindergarten to fifth grade. Joe had to stand in because Scott was going to be late and she ended up with two dates!
Apr 18, 2013: Katie posted this picture of Brooke on Facebook with this caption: "Nap time hair--never gets old!"
Apr 19, 2913: Scott and Tammy attended Julia's 5th grade Starbase graduation ceremony.
Apr 28, 2013: Julia & Will spent the weekend. Julia is sitting in the neighbors' tree and writing. She was also showing off her fake nails.
April 26, 2013: Aly and Wes on their way to their formal.

April 27, 2013: Daniel & Kaitlin on their way to their prom.

Everybody sure looks absolutely gorgeous, even the guys!
Apr 28, 2013: First picture of Hank and Brooke where she's not crying.
Lincoln looking ready for the big league!
Click here for Tammy's pictures from April 22nd.
April 29, 2013: Will job shadowed Kerry Clary and his dad, Uncle Bill for a school project. He had a ball! Click here for more photos.


April 30, 2013: Amy and Bart in the Big Easy. From their Facebook photos, it sure looks like they are having great fun!
May 2, 2013: Alyssa enjoying the spring weather!
May 2, 2013: Zak at work, preaching to more than the choir. He is awesome!
May 3, 2013: How Sher was spending her birthday (during the day). Lincoln looks quite comfortable! Sher is stretching out her birthday celebration for over a week. Good job Sher.
May 4, 2013: Happy Derby Day from the DeZarns!
May 4, 2013: Amanda and her mini-me Alyssa at the zoo!
May 6, 2013: Jennifer and Aly both holding Lincoln. Too bad he has nobody who wants to hold him! :) But look below--he escaped!
May 9, 2013: Brooke in pigtails!
May 12, 2013: We combined Mother's Day & Hank's 75th birthday celebration. Click here for pictures that Tammy took.
May 16, 2013: Julie's volleyball photo. She's an awesome player. Keep up the good work Julia!

May 20, 2013: Brooke is ready for swimming at Coney!
May 15, 2013: From Katie's Facebook: "This is the look I got yesterday during our battle of nap time...along with some giggles!"
Fun in Cincinnati! Chris, Brooke, & Katie at the zoo, Mike and Amanda at the zoo (I'm assuming Alyssa took the picture), and Alex and Lisa at the Reds game!
May 26, 2013: Party at Amy & Bart's for Brad, Michele, and Brian's visit (and for Amy's birthday). Everyone is smiling!!!
May 30, 2013: Alyssa ready for school! Only five more days.
June 1, 2013: Sue and Scott just returned from a truly amazing vacation. They left on April 20 and returned June 1. At least two cruises were involved and according to their itinerary, these are the places they visited: Tenerife and Lanzarote Canary Island; Barcelona Spain; Toulon France; Florence/Pisa/Livorno Rome Italy; Cartagena, Malaga, Cadiz, Vigo Spain; Lisbon Portugal; St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Island; Zeebrugge Belgium; Copenhagen Denmark; Tallinn Estonia; St. Petersburg Russia; Helsinki Finland; Stockholm Sweden; Berlin and Kiel Germany. Awesome!!!
See above for cities that Sue & Scott visited. This picture is inside Catherine the Great's Palace.

June 1, 2013: Congratulations to Daniel on his graduation from Lakota East! Well done Daniel. See you at your party! Love you!
On left, Scott & Sue outside Catherine the Great's Palace which is more than 4 football fields long. Above, they are in Taillinn, Estonia.

June 8, 2013: Sara received her Dean's List certificate! Way to go Sara. That and your huge weight loss means that you have been working really hard. Congratulations!
June 6, 2013: Julia's volleyball team had their end of season party and Julia received her certificate which reads: Congratulations on your selection as most sporty!

Way to go Julia!
June, 2013: Click here to see Botafumeiro en la Catedral de Santiago de Compostela. Sue & Scott said it's outside of Viga, Spain and St. James' bones are in this huge church. For those Catholics who remember the incense being swung, this will blow your mind!
June 9, 2013: Brooke dips her toes into Coney's Sunlite Pool for the very first time! Click here to see her the next time at Coney!

Nancy sent me this picture of Lincoln and said he walks along his crib and furniture.

Can you believe how big these babies are getting?
June 16, 2013: Jimmy and Lincoln. Quote Jimmy, "Best Father's Day Ever!"

Couldn't agree with you more!
June 22, 2013: Daniel's graduation party from Lakota East! Family and friends came from far and wide!
Congratulations, Daniel! Click
here to see 250 photos from Kindra & Tammy!
June 23, 2013: One day after Daniel's graduation party (at 8:00 in the morning), Kindra, Daniel, Wes, and Brent went skydiving! Click here for pictures. Click on each picture on the right for videos.
June 24, 2013: Amy sent me this photo with the caption, "Loves his grandma!"

Amy and Lincoln are looking good. I understand Jennifer gave him his first haircut already!
July 5, 2013: Alex, Lisa, and Emma all dressed up (but I don't know where they were going!)

July 1, 2013: Emma and the mud puddle!

And click
here to hear a Black Ninja Parody!
July 4, 2013: Daniel, Will, Scott, Ali, and Wes at Scott and Tammy's 4th of July party. They are a happy looking bunch!
July 6, 2013: Scott and Will got into a shaving cream war in their hotel room when they family went to Chicago for a family gathering.
Jim Pa. got stung by a bee, had a delayed terrible reaction, and Sher had to call 911. He was in bad shape but is now home and fine. For all of you who are allergic to bee stings, be sure to have your EpiPens with you at all times. Sher said the doctor told her that even if they are past their expiration date, you can still use them. Stay away from the bees, Uncle Jim!
July 7, 2013: Lisa, Emma, and Alex enjoying a day at Coney Island. See more photos on Facebook.
July13, 2013: Brad, Michele, and Bradley in Rome at the Pope's house.
July, 2013: Lincoln, Tiffany, and Jimmy. What a cute family!
July 14, 2013: Emma and Lisa with Charlie Brown at King's Island. Guess Alex took the picture. Another cute family!
July 14, 2013: Will dressed up in his Kroger clothing for his first day at work!
July 16, 2013: Scott with a screwdriver, sitting on his Riverfront Stadium seats (his Crosley Field seats were in the basement), enjoying the 2013 All Star Game!

July 15, 2013: Randy with his boys, Casey and Joey. Looks like a picnic to me!