2011 Golf Outing - August 27
The family golf outing is now just a wonderful memory!  Brent won the Best Golfer award, Will won the Junior award, and Zak won the Tucker award! Chris D and Randy won the egg toss and Amy won the "What Would Your Ideal Job Be" by guessing more correct answers than anyone else.

Missing from the golfing was Tom, Wes, Katie, and Dan. All of Brad's family (except Amanda who was here) and Sue and Scott live too far away. Missing from the party was Tom, Nancy, Zak, Scott, and Tammy. Scott and Tammy attended his book signing at the Hall of Fame at Red's Great American Ball Park.

New to the outing was Jimmy, Tiffany, and Jennifer. Aly made a return appearance! Nobody had more fun that I did. Sure hope everying can come to the Christmas party on December 10th!!!
Click here for Kindra's pictures and click here for Tammy's pictures and click here for Sherry's pictures. Thank you ladies too! In fact, thanks to everyone who made this day so special!
Chris and Kindra awarding Brent the best golfer trophy! Will after learning he won the Junior trophy. Chris and Amanda giving Jill the Tucker Award for Zak! Good job all.
Chair sharing! Tiffany, Sher, Aly, Jill, Amy, and Jennifer. Guess I need more chairs next year!
Egg toss winners Chris D and Randy. Way to go, guys!
This is the meet-and-greet before the --> golfing began. Lots of hugs, kisses, and getting reacquainted. What a great family we have!
Bart, Tammy, Mike, and Coni paying homage to the Grandpa Tuck's port-a-let which inspired Amy to create the Tucker Award!
Amy (sitting on Jennifer's lap) after receiving her award and gift for winning the "What Would Your Ideal Job Be" contest. Since she wanted to be a food and wine tester, I gave her a wine book and a how to be a successful woman book. Thanks to all for playing!
Ernie, Lisa, Brent, Daniel, and Jimmy trying to win the egg toss.
Saturday evening was capped off at Brent and Kindra's with a major jam session. Brent and Jimmy on guitars, Daniel on drums, and I'm not sure what Sherry is on! Click here for the videos!