News & Pictures 2011
Jan 25, 2011: Scott and Tammy sent Julia on a treasure hunt for her half birthday (8 1/2).
January, 2011: Sher is home from the hospital after having her gall bladder and gall stones removed. She said she will be off work for about a week and is recoving. Kindra and Wes are also recovering. Wes goes back to school Tuesday. Let's not hear about any more illnesses or surgeries for a while, OK? :)

Great news from Aly! She starts a new job Monday as a national sales assistant at CBS radio in Cleveland! She couldn't believe that she got a job in her field already. She said it is full time, salaried, health benefits, plus a 401K! Congratulations and good luck Aly!
Feb. 6, 2011: Julia and Emma K playing checking during the Superbowl game!
Feb. 12, 2011: Jill and Mike celebrating his 50th birthday! Jill, Zak, Katie, and Chris gave him a Canadian fishing adventure! Happy birthday, Mike! Click here for Tammy's pictures. Click here for Kindra's.

Julia, Will, and Daniel spent the night so Julia and I could go to the Justin Bieber movie. Here's Julia acting quite silly!
Feb. 18, 2011: Wes played his final regular season hockey games for Lakota East and it was also Senior Night. They won both games and will be heading into their tournament games. The parents made posters for the seven seniors. Two sets of Wes's grandparents were there to witness the first game and the Senior Night ceremony where the boys presented flowers to their mothers and hats (with Lakota East Hockey 2011) to their dads. Fun evening. Good job, Wes!
Katie & Chris closed on their first home on February 17, 2011 and moved in on the 19th.

Aly moved into her apartment in early March.

Scott and Sue bought a home in Sarasota, Florida and will be leaving Chicago.
Mar. 13, 2011: Jim, Sher, and Jimmy enjoy Bart and Amy's hot tub during Aly's birthday party. Looks inviting, guys!
Mar. 13, 2011: Nancy took these pictures of Bart and Amy's home bar called Mulligan's. Awesome!
Congratulations, Chris B!!!! He got his first HOLE-IN-ONE at Peeble Creek on 3/20/11. It was the 11th hole, a 118-yard par three. He reported this wonderful news to me directly from the golf course. What an awesome accomplishment!
Mar. 27, 2011: Tammy with her sister Julia and niece Miranda, who played Little Orphan Annie in her high school production. Tammy surprised Miranda by driving down to Myrtle Beach Saturday, saw the play on Sunday, and came home Monday. What a nice surprise for Miranda!
Mar. 31, 2011: Scott & Joe at Opening Day. The Reds won!!!
Mar. 26, 2011: Joey celebrates his first birthday opening presents with big brother Casey looking on and enjoying his birthday cake. Congratulations, Joey!
Apr. 2, 2011: A fun time was had by all at my 70th birthday celebration at Jill and Mike's. Scott was the Trivia but I was champ at jacks! Thank you all for making my birthday party a wonderful day to celebrate and have fun. Thanks!!! Click here for Tammy's pictures.
Apr. 1, 2011: Jimmy and Dan jamming! I stole this picture from Tiffany's Facebook so don't have any more details but the fellows look really good!
Apr. 2011: Dan & Jennifer on their recent vacation to Riviera Maya. Click here for their Facebook photos! Looks like a really nice trip.
Apr. 2011: Emma's 2nd birthday party. Lisa's sister made the cake which took her 17 hours. Happy Birthday, Emma!
Jimmy P said I could put this info on Buhale after I saw it on his Facebook page: "A steel desk and file cart that Jason R and I built a few months ago for a gallery in New York was purchased by Madonna last week!' Way to go, guys! Give yourselves a big pat on the back!!!
Good news--Bad news in the lives of Julia and Joe! Apr 30, Julia sustains a black eye during a baseball game. Apr 29, she enjoys lunch with her co-workers at Babies R Us during Bring your Children to Work Day. Also on Apr 30, Joe escorts Brittany to her prom. Apr 24, a lady ran into Joe's car while it was parked.
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Day 2
May 3, 2011: Email from Sue--We just got back from a 10-day cruise. It was our moving recuperation cruise. We went to Antigua, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts (originally St. Christopher Island), St. Thomas, and Princess's private Island, Princess Cay. We were on the Star Princess where the disco is 18 stories above water! And it's SUSPENDED over the rest of the ship. Scott takes his nap there in the daytime and then cuts a rug at night...gotta keep up with the kids ya know!
Apr. 23, 2011: Alyssa celebrates her 5th birthday at her grandparents' home. Looks like a princess birthday to me. Happy Birthday Alyssa!
May 6, 2011: It was a Father-Daughter Dance and Scott had to work so Joe took Julia. When Scott arrived later, Joe still stayed and they all had fun!
May 11, 2011: Brent makes his 'guitar-playing' debut at "Win Place or Show" with the resident guitarist Sonny Moorman. He will play again on Wednesday, May 25th after 7:00. All are invited! Go to the Family Fun and Facts page for four videos. Great job, Brent!!!
May 11, 2011: Bart, Bradley, Sher, Amy, and Amanda at the Cleveland vs. Tampa Bay.
May 17, 2011: Daniel sets a record among our grand-children--he gets his driver's license on his first try. Congratulations, Daniel!!!
May 20, 2011: Alyssa playing softball after many rainouts. Looking good, Alyssa!
May, 2011: Jill, Mike, Katie, and Chris just returned from Las Vegas after a five-day stay. They had fun and didn't lose too much!

Tom and Nancy celebrated their 52nd anniversary at a Bed & Breakfast in Columbus with their friends from Georgia.

May 21, 2011: I stole these photos of Valerie and Bradley at the shooting range off of Facebook. That's how I find out some family news. You look good, guys!
May 24 - 27, 2011: Will and his class went to Washington, DC. Here he is visiting Honest Abe!

Here is our commemorative brick at Coney Island's Sunlite Pool. It was in honor of our 50th Anniversary, a gift from our children.
June 4, 2011: Wes graduates from Lakota East as his smiling family gathers around. Congratulations, Wes!!! Click here for more pictures.
June 7, 2011: Daniel, Nan, Wes, and me at our annual golf outing, gift for Mother's Day from Brent & Kindra. More pics!
June 3, 2011: Bart threw a surprise birthday party for Amy's 50th birthday. And here's one of Sher on her 51st brithday! Click here for more photos.
June 3, 2011: The two gorgeous sisters!!!
June, 2011: Scott's rendition of Tammy's grandparents. Nice work!
June 8, 2011: Hank, Wes, Brent, me, Daniel, Jill, Chris, Katie, Mike, Kindra, and Debi (Mike's sister) after watching Brent play guitar at Win Place Show. He did a great job! Click here for his YouTube concerts.
June 12, 2011: Julia having fun playing softball. She played well and her team won!
Hank, me, Will, Julia, Joe, Brittany, and Tammy in the stands. Scott was the photog. Click
here for more pictures.
May 17, 2011: Amanda  received her GED and has enrolled in Cincinnati State for this fall. Way to go, Amanda! We are all so proud of you!
It looks like Chris, Coni, and Ernie are proud too!
June, 2011: The newest addition to the Katie & Chris household is Chance who is a rescue dog that is part beagle and part husky. You've got a good home, Chance!
June 18, 2011: Casey celebrated his 8th birthday in style! He attended a Reds game, got a razor scooter, and his party theme was Star Wars & Cincinnati Reds. Happy 8th birthday, Casey!!!
June, 2011: Chris & Coni's vacation journal: "We headed out on June 22 for Nashville. Took scenic route. First stayover was in Bowling Green where we toured Civil War Museums. Next stop was Octagon Hall, which is featured on My Ghost Story! I got to do my very first ghost hunt. Then stopped at Kenny Perry's golf course which Chris really enjoyed. Got into Nashville and Saw Vince Gill perform that evening at the Ryman Auditorium. Excellent! Saturday night we saw the Grand Ole Opry Show's live radio broadcast." Sounds like an awesome trip!
July 9, 2011: Scott and Tammy at the Dayton Dragons record-setting game. Scott wrote: It was the 815th consecutive sellout that broke the record for all professional sports teams in North America. It broke the record set by the Portland Trailblazers from 1977 thru 1995. The Dragons won 4-1. Dayton's last pro baseball team was in 1951. It was always argued that Dayton couldn't and wouldn't support a team. They have sold out every single game in their history, which began in 2000. What an awesome feat!
July 10, 2011: Julia (with the white arrow over her) is ready to leave for Girl Scout Camp until Wednesday. Have fun, Julia!
Click here to read what Brad has been posting on Facebook about his and Michele's trip to Germany to see Brian. Click here to see their pictures!
July 18, 2011: We had the pleasure of a visit from Jack, Nancy, Aunt Jerry, and Eileen (Healy) and then they treated us to dinner at Outback! Jack and Nancy have been traveling in their motor home since early May and will be home by the end of the month. Aunt Jerry is now 96 and in great shape. Since we are going to the Shore reunion this Saturday, I have the honor of being with my two remaining aunts in the same week.
July 23, 2011: Linda hosted a Shore family reunion at her house that was enjoyed by all. Aunt Carolyn (89) and Mike are in the first photo, a beautiful cake, and then Linda and Barb. Click here for additional. Thanks. Linda!
August, 2011: Camp Grandma's Week! On the right, breakfast Monday morning. On the left, a day at Newport Aquarium! The Journal will be published after the kids get their copies at the golf outing!
July 25, 2011: Julia on her 9th birthday! She is doing her tribute to Harpo Marx! Click here for more photos!
August 11, 2011: Wes making a goal during State Wars tournament. You can see the puck going in the net on the left above the yellow line. Good job, Wes!
August 10, 2011: Scott's birthday at the Reds game with his family and Brent's family. Happy Birthday Scott! Click here for more.
August 15, 2011: Scott's friend Jay brought his family to visit. Julia put their baby in her doll's cradle that Ron (Barb's husband) made!
August 17, 2011: Will and Julia's first day of school! Will's a freshman and Julia is in 4th grade!
August 14, 2011: The family celebrated Hank's Mom's 93rd birthday at Olive Garden. There were almost 40 folks!

here to see Kindra's pictures and here to see Tammy's. There were too many good photos to post here!
August 18, 2011: Wes is all packed up and heading for Miami University today. Daniel says good-bye bro! Click here for additional photos.
August, 2011: Here's just one picture that Brad sent from Jim & Sher's trip to Colorado. Click here to see a ton more! The scenery is gorgeous (as are the four folks in this photo) and they all look like they had great adventures in Colorado. Brad says there are some other pictures too. Thanks, Brad. Glad you all had fun!!!
August 22, 2011: Daniel's first day at work at Campioni's! So far, so good!!!
August 27, 2011: Sher and her girls, Alyssa and Julia,  on the refreshment cart with Will sneaking up from behind!
August 27, 2011: Auther Mike Shannon and Scott signing their book for a fan at the Reds Hall of Fame at the Great American Ball Park. Good job, guys!
August 27, 2011: I swiped this photo from Kindra's Facebook page! Here's the group at the Hannig household: Daniel, Amanda, Sher, Jim, Kindra, Brent, Jennifer, Aly, Tiffany, and Jimmy. Click here for the link to their jam sessions. There are five of them. Enjoy!
Sept. 1, 2011: Congratulations to Julia who was chosen by her class to be Student Council Representative!
August 29, 2011: Congratulations to Kindra who started her new position at Cleaning Technology Group as a Process Application Manager!
Sept. 8, 2011: Julia doing her Uncle Chris's hair. What a good sport you are, Uncle Chris!
Sept. 12, 2011: Sue & her new best friend, Michele Bachmann. She and Scott attended the debate in Tampa and had a blast!
Sept., 2011: Chris & Katie's puppy Chance is making a statement to Cleveland--Who-Dey!!!
Sept. 2011: Jill and Amy with their new best friend in Vegas. Amy, Bart, Jill, and Mike may never really tell what happened in Vegas. Mike and Bart had their picture taken with a 'lady' but it's not for publication!
Oct. 2, 2011: Scott and Tammy enjoy a Bengals win on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon.
Sept. 27, 2011: Julia and Joe on his 19th birthday.
Sept. 27, 2011: Joe showing his strength on his 19th birthday. It used to be the other way around, didn't it Tammy?
Oct. 8, 2011: Joe, Tammy, Will, and Julia. It was Scott's company dinner night plus Will's Homecoming Dance. Everyone cleaned up quite well!
Oct. 8, 2011: Joe, Scott, Will, and Julia acting rather silly on this auspicious occasion. See next picture for details!
Sue and Scott are new members of the Sarasota Republican Club. Good job, guys!

Oct. 11, 2011: Scott, Joe, Will, Tammy, and Julia help their previous neighbor Charlotte celebrate her 100th birthday. Does anyone else know somebody who has reached 100?
Oct.18, 2011: Julia's got a new haircut Monday and got two feathers put in her hair Tuesday! She LOVES it!
Oct. 22, 2011: Wes's Miami team had roller hockey tournaments in Columbus so he was joined by his family plus Jim and Sher. They also celebrated Daniel's 17th birthday. And where did the balloon go, Sher? Click here to see!  Click here for hockey pictures; click here for birthday pictures!
Oct. 26, 2011: Tammy took Julia and Will to a harvest festival. Julia rode a pony for the first time. Then she posed with her friends! Will enjoyed all the animals in the petting zoo. A good time was had by all. Click here for a link to all the pictures!
Oct. 28, 2011: Daniel was a volunteer at St. Rita's Haunted House. He was a psycho in an electric chair. Click here to watch the the video. He's in the beginning.
Oct. 22, 2011: Katie modeled her costume for work. She was a hippie. Yippee!
Oct. 31, 2011: Chance in his Halloween costume--Bad-Dog!
Oct. 31, 2011: Two beautiful family girls ready to Trick-Or-Treat! Emma as a darling witch and Julia as an adorable clown!
Oct. 2011: Brad and Michele at a costume party (we hope!)

What a cute couple. Love you guys!!
Oct. 31, 2011: 'Michael Myers' sneaking up on Aly while she's working at CBS Cleveland's 92.3-The Fan Studios. She must have survived be cause she sent this to me!
Oct. 2011: Click here to read about Scott & Sue's most fabulous vacation. It sounds like they had a really great time and saw some awesome sites. Good job!
Nov. 5, 2011: We celebrated Brent's 50th and Jill's 49th birthday! Daniel and Wes stand beside their dad, king-Brent! On the way to the party, Joe, Julia, and Will are being silly but looking smart in their glasses, which are really 3-D glasses without the lenses! Click here & here for more pictures!
Nov. 20, 2011: From Jill--We received a voicemail from a private caller telling us to check our email. (It was actually Katie disguishing her voice). Her email contained this picture with this statement: " If you don't put up Christmas lights by December 17, you will never see your grand puppy again!"
Nov. 19, 2011: Sue and Scott just returned from another cruise. This time they went to Cozumel, Mexico and Roapan, Honduras. Sue said they had a really great time!
Nov. 24, 2011: Thanksgiving Day!!! Will and Joe showing Julia a little love! Scott carving the turkey. Click here for Tammy's and here for Kindra's pictures.
Nov. 25, 2011: Will's before and after haircut photos! Will's new haircut inspired Scott to poke a little fun!
Nov. 25, 2011: Tree trimming day. Julia enjoying some dessert; Julia putting her gift to me (from kindergarten) under the tree; Will and Zak by the beautiful tree; Zak lifting Julia to put the angel on top of the tree. Click here for more photos.
Nov. 24, 2011: Thanksgiving Day!!!  Trivia for dessert; Will and Zak killing the turkey; Julia, Daniel, and Wes and you can also see Will's plate of corn!
Dec. 3, 2011: Lisa and Emma in front of their beautiful Christmas tree. Aaaaahhhh!
Dec. 10, 2011: Tom, Brent, Hank, Mike, Jill, Katie, and Chris! Click here for Kindra's pictures and click here for Tammy's pictures. Thank you ladies!
Dec. 10, 2011: It was a mother-daughter sweep in the awards department! Jill won Chris's Match the Theme Song Contest (click here for the answers) and Katie won the Dumb Shit award for watering her artificial roses (which we actually gave her)!
Dec. 10, 2011: The three girls (Julia, Emma, and Alysse) and the three amigos (Katie, Zak, and Alex) at the Buening Annual Christmas Party!
Dec. 10, 2011: Casey and Joey open their gifts and it looks like they are very pleased with them!
Dec. 10, 2011: After Tammy got home, she and Scott went to a party across the street. While they were gone, Will fell asleep long enough for Julia to decorate his face and then he was nice enough to pose for pictures!
Nov., 2011: Mom, Jr! The Buening musical tradition continues. This was from Sue & Scott's Mexican cruise. Sue, can you play, "Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue?"
Dec. 17, 2011: Amy before and during her graduation from Indiana Wesleyan University! Great job, Amy. We are all so proud of you!
Dec. 2011: (Swiped from a proud Dad's Facebook page: "Brian graduated his leadership course and made the Commandants List (DG). Now he has enough points for E-5.... should put it on in January. Way to go, Brian"

Dec. 24, 2011: A hawk enjoyed a bird dinner on our railing for about 20 minutes. There was nothing left but feathers!
Dec. 25, 2011: MERRY CHRISTMAS! Julia draped on her new keyboard; Grandma Dell with Jill; Scott & Sue (who drove up from Florida), Above are our three family groups. What a wonderful two-day celebration it was! Click here for Kindra's pictures and here for Tammy's picutres.
Found out that Tiffany & Jimmy are expecting a baby in early August! Congratulations!!!