2010 Golf Outing
The annual group photo on the left. Above are Julia and Sher piloting the most important golf cart--the refreshment cart! Thank you ladies!
Wes, Katie, and Amanda B during the egg toss. The eventual winners were Kindra and Mike. They each won $11.00! Woo Hoo!!!
Julia, Emma, Lisa, and Amanda S.
We first celebrated Kindra's birthday. Then Sher won the Where Would You Go Contest and received a certificate and magic wand to make her dream come true!
Click here for Kindra's pictures and click here for Tammy's pictures. Thank you ladies too! In fact, thanks to everyone who made this day so special!
Chris presents Lisa with prize money for winning the Closest to the Pin Contest and to Chris D for winning the Longest Putt Contest. Chris D also came in third in the Golf Contest.
Coni with the newest family member, six month old Joey! Amanda balancing a bubble she just made and then there's three of the elders--Tom (with his new beard), me, and Chris. Can't wait til next year.
Chris presents Jill with money for coming in second in the Gof Contest.
The Trophies: Tom passes on the Winner's Trophy to Kindra; Daniel passes the Junior Trophy to Will; Joe passes the Tucker Award to Amanda B. On her Facebook page, she wrote, "Check out my winnings. Tried golfing with the fam and this is what they sent me home with!"