2009 Golf Outing
August 8, 2009: Kindra sent this picture so I could put it on Buhale. There were 37 of us! Since there are no definite rows, I will just start from the left: Chris B, Coni, Casey, Brent, Jim, Kindra, Wes, Daniel, Amy, Amanda B, Brandon, Sher, me, Brad, Bart, Michele, Tammy, Julia, Will, Scott, Nancy, Tom, Joe, Katie, Jill, Zak, Chris D, Mike, Lisa, Emma, Hank, Ernie, Alysse, Amanda S, Alex, Sue and Scott!

Click here to see the pictures that Tammy took.
The Refreshment Cart! Sher, Julia and Amanda B.         Will and Daniel are sporting Grandpa Tuck's hats.       Future golfers, Casey and Julia.
Thanks, Sher, for providing those wonderful
Alex presents the winner's trophy to Tom.
August 7, 2009: The siblings went out to dinner the night before the big golf outing and party. Chris & Coni, Scott & Sue, Hank & I, and Tom and Nancy.
Joe presents the Junior Golfer's trophy to Daniel. It is the second time that Daniel won.
Katie presents the Tucker (I played like crap)  trophy to Joe.
The fearful faces of Amy and Sher. How afraid of an egg can you be? A lot, evidently! Winners of the egg toss were Ernie and Chris D. Second place winners were Brandon and Sher.
Chris holding another future golfer, Emma.
Buhale contest winners but I forgot to make one for Tammy for the Celebrity Contest so I added her here.
A little game of touch football with Brad, Brent Chris D., Scott, Ernie, Brandon and Joe.
Tammy & Scott presented me with a golfing gnome!
Tom & Hank won closest to the pin and Zak and Brandon won longest putt.