News & Pictures 2009
January 3, 2009: Chris proposed to Katie after taking her to Benihana's! No date has been set for the wedding. Congratulations!
Wes & Daniel bringing in the New Year!
                                January 28, 2009: Julia enjoying the outdoors! Joe and Scott playing chase!                      Branches of our front tree touching the ground (ignore the date!)
January 28, 2009: Wes & Daniel snowboarding!
February 1, 2009: Daniel, Kindra & Wes at Super Bowl party!
February 9, 2009: Photo from the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Jimmy Pucillo at the Mustache Party at the Garage Bar which he runs. Sorry it's not a better photo! Good job, Jimmy!
February 28, 2009: On Saturday, a giant baby shower was held for Lisa, hosted by both Moms and held at Alex's Mom (Michelle's) house. The games were fun, the food delicious, and they received the most wonderful gifts. We all can't wait to meet Emma Louise Buening in April!
March, 2009: Jim & Sher took Aly and Ken to Myrtle Beach and were joined by Bradley & Valerie.
  Bradley, Valerie, Sher, Jim, Aly & Ken.
    Ken & Aly.
      Jim & Sher
        Bradley & Valerie
March, 2009: Julia at her concert pointing out her 'boyfriend!'
March, 2009:Click here to read a newspaper about Wes' Junior Varsity Lakota East team. Pictures to follow! Way to go, Wes!
March, 2009: Will (on left) and his two buddies stalking the wildlife!
March 28, 2009: Joe and Chris in a tough game of basketball! Wes & Daniel are in the background.
March 28, 2009: Jill and Mike had a wonderful birthday party for me. We surprised Will, Joe, Wes, Daniel and Julia that night, telling them we are taking them to the Smoky Mountains during Camp Grandma's! As you can see, Julia wasn't sure what that meant!
March, 2009: Me playing Zuma on Joe's X-Box.
March, 2009: Daniel and Wes's hockey team. Boy those guys keep busy!
April 13, 2009: Lisa and Alex welcomed Emma today at 7:29 a.m. She weighed 6 lbs, 4 oz and was 19.25 inches long. Mom, Dad, and baby are doing fine! Welcome to the family, Emma!
April, 2009: Will (2nd from left) and his buddies getting ready to go 'ding-dong ditching!'
April 12, 2009: Easter Sunday! The egg hunt is on at Brent and Kindra's!

Joe, Will and Julia on their deck on Easter morning.
April, 2009: Michele, Brad & Bradley on their hogs! Valerie & Bradley and then all four of them at Myrtle Beach on their recent vacation. Awesome pictures, guys!
April 18, 2009: Joe and his friend Jake wearing their First Rider T-Shirt after riding King's Island's Diamondback Roller Coaster. Good job, guys!
April 29, 2009: Joe is now the proud owner of his permanent driver's license. Way to go, Joe!!!
April 30, 2009: This was really Joe's week! The day after he got his driver's license, he drove to Roosters to pick up his paycheck, where he had just gotten a job as a dishwasher three weeks ago. They told him he had just been promoted to cook! Awesome!

Katie also got promoted to a keyholder (manager) at Charlotte Russe Clothing Store. She works at both Eastgate Mall & Florence Mall. We're proud of you guys!
April 4, 2009: Jennifer, Dan, Aly, Sher, Amanda, and Brandon at the 2009 Induction Ceremony at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
May, 2009: Katie finished her first year at NKU with a 4.0 average. Congratulations, Katie!
May 10, 2009: Mother's Day and Hank's 71st birthday. Emma (daughter of Lisa & Alex) attended her first Mother's Day picnic at our house. Egg toss anyone?
May, 2009: Ron (our brother-in-law), Mike and Hank helped Scott cut down a dead tree in his back yard. Julia is walking on the nice edge he made with the wood. Good job, Scott!

Will and his friends are enjoying military life.
May, 2009: Destin, Florida  #1 Mike, Zak, Katie & Jill  #2 Katie & Chris   #3 Ben, Zak, Chris & Mike. Jill & Katie even went parasailing. Perfect weather!
June 16, 2009: Joe buys his first new car, a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero. Way to go, Joe! Drive safely.
June 7, 2009: We were all saddened by the news that Aly's dad, Rick, died of a massive coronary at the age of 56. He will be missed. Our thoughts are with the family. Click here to leave a message of condolence for the family and to read his memory book.
June 18, 2009: Daniel, Nan (Kindra's Mom), me and Wes getting ready to play our annual Par 3 golf, courtesy of Brent & Kindra!
May 16, 2009: Tom & Nancy's 50th Anniversary celebration! Jimmy, eldest grandson, had become a minister so he could surprise them and renew their vows.
May 16, 2009: Tom and Nancy cutting the cake their kids surprised them with. This flower bouquet are really gift cards from everyone. Amy created the bouquet!
June 21, 2009: Click here to see Kindra's pictures and here to see Tammy's from a Father's Day family baseball game.
August 4, 2009: Wes gets his driver's license! Way to go, Wes!
July/Aug, 2009: Wes participated in the State Wars hockey tournament!
July 28, 2009: Julia, Joe, Will and Daniel 'On top of old Smoky!'
August, 2009: Scott is building a fire pit in their back yard. Looking good, Scott!
July 27, 2009: Daniel, Julia, Will and Joe in earlier times.
August 4, 2009: Daniel, Kindra, Brent and Wes when they went zip lining!
August 10, 2009: Julia with Aunt Dot's cup and saucer that Sue gave her. Love the pinkie!
August 14, 2009: The family helped celebrate Hank's Mom's 91st birthday at Olive Garden. There were 33 in attendance. She was the Birthday Queen!
August 19, 2009: Daniel's before and after pictures! Looking good Daniel (even though you always have!)
Sept., 2009: Julia playing soccer and showing off her first missing tooth!
Sept, 2009: The families have  been traveling tho I don't have all the details. Sue and Scott just returned from a trip to the East coast and a cruise. Zak and his buddies recently returned from Virginia Beach. Maybe I'll get some pictures!

We just returned from N Olmsted on Aug. 31st and had one terrific time! I attended Tiffany's bridal shower on Sunday which was absolutely wonderful! She (and Jimmy) got amazing shower gifts. Tom, Jim, and Hank went shooting. We had dinner Saturday night at Steak on a Rock with Tom, Nancy, Bart, and Amy and it was delightful. After the shower on Sunday, we went to Jim and Sherry's for pizza. Got to meet all the family's BIG dogs. And Sherry shared her upcoming 50th birthday plans (and they couldn't be better for her). She and Jim and going on a Kid Rock Cruise on her actual birthday. Doesn't get any better than that for Sherry, does it?
Sept. 19, 2009: Click here to see Tammy's photos from our day at the shooting range!
Sept. 23, 2009: Click here to see a website called McNicholas High School Class of '58. Click HERE to see my class picture! I am in the bottom row right in the middle!
Sept., 2009: Click here (and then scroll down) to read about the upcoming book that Scott is illustrating for McFarland Publications. He'll let us know when it's published. Nice work, Scott! You must come from good stock.
October 3, 2009: Jimmy and Tiffany's wedding was held at the Gemini Center and was beautiful.
Jimmy & Tiffany dancing; Mother Amy & son Jimmy dancing; Tiffany & Jimmy amid the bubbles; Aly & Jennifer as beautiful bridesmaids.
Oct. 14, 2009: Julia's school was offering free flu shots. Parents needed only to write a permission slip. Julia wrote one herself as she did not want to get a shot.
Oct. 11, 2009: Tammy with Julia, Will, and Joe before going to Scott's work dinner. Joe then went to his Homecoming Dance. Nice looking group!
Oct., 2009: Scott, Tammy, Joe, Will, and Julia enjoyed a trip to Florida and Myrtle Beach. Click here to look at ALL of their pictures!
Oct. 31, 2009: The Hannig family stopped at our house so Will and Julia could Trick or Treat on their way home from their vacation. Spooky!!!
Nov., 2009Congratulations go to Brad! He just got promoted to Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force! What that means is this: In the military, when they get 'promoted' it's always about a rank increase and not necessarily a job position. Through the ranks, people can hold the same job title and be different ranks. The rank of Chief Master Sergeant is the HIGHEST you can obtain in the Air Force and is limited by Congress to only 1% of the enlisted force. There is typically only one Chief assigned to a squadron (100-150 people) and their responsibility is to develop the enlisted force in that squadron. As a chief, you can fill any chief position regardless of your previous job. As an example, even though Brad has been in recruiting for the past 17 years, he could go to a flying unit and be assigned as the Chief there because they do not get involved in the actual hands-on part of the mission, only the development of leadership. Brad will probably stay where he's at now for about a year then then move. Brad says, "In the Air Force, it is a very big deal to be a chief and I'm honored to hold the position."
Nov., 2009: Kindra grew her hair out so she could donate it to 'Locks of Love' an organization that makes wigs for children going through chemotherapy. Thank you Kindra!
Nov. 8, 2009: We celebrated Brent's & Jill's birthdays Sunday. For additional pictures (and we know you want to see them), click here for Kindra's and click here for Tammy's!
Nov. 21, 2009: Scott and Julia at her Father/Daughter Dance. Tammy was a chaperone and Will tagged along for fun!
Nov. 26, 2009: Joe & Will sharing a wishbone; Zak & Will sharing another wishbone (we had two turkeys) and the perfect picture of Thanksgiving--Julia eating a piece of pumpkin pie!

here to see Tammy's pictures.
Dec. 13, 2009: Amy & Bart's cat Lloyd and dog Mulligan!
Dec. 19, 2009: Sher had Chris's name in the gift exchange. As he opened up his gift, Sher warned everyone, "Don't ever tell me to surprise you!" She gave him $10 in pennies! He couldn't stop laughing!
Dec. 19, 2009: Scott was the winner of this year's Dumb Shit Award for destroying Joe's computer (thinking it was the old computer he was trying to destroy before throwing away). Joe accepted on his behalf. Congratulations, Scott! My family members have won the first three years. Time for somebody else's family to win? Let the games begin!
Dec. 19, 2009: Coni gave me an official Buhale picture with photos of Mom & Dad's four children and their spouses.
Dec. 19, 2009: The girls! Alyssa, Julia, and Emma.
Dec. 19, 2009: Katie & Chris 'cleaned up' to go to his work party!
Dec. 19, 2009: We just finished celebrating another Buening family Christmas. I think a good time was had by all!

Check the Fun/Games/Family Stuff to see our Christmas present from Zak and a video of Emma made by Will.

here to see picture taken by Kindra and click here to see pictures taken by Tammy. Thank you ladies!
Dec. 20, 2009: This is what Tammy found when she got home from the gym. Scott & Joe were at work, and Will babysat Julia for about an hour.
Dec. 25, 2009: Christmas at Hank and Sandi's!
Click here to see picture taken by Kindra and click here to see pictures taken by Tammy. Thank you ladies!
Dec. 29, 2009: Jim and Sher took a gun class and here are Sher's results. Good job, Sher!
Dec. 31, 2009: Wes and Daniel slugging some 'drinks' down before midnight.