Pictures and News 2007 (Golf Outing)
                           Annual Buening Golf Outing
                              August 11, 2007

Back row: Jim, Sher, Jill, Chris (closest to the pin), Coni, Hank (1st place winner), Brent, Scott, Joe, Tammy, Zak (4th place winner), Nancy, Tom (3rd place winner), Lisa (Tucker Award winner), Alex.

Front row: Will, Wes (Junior Golfer winner), Ernie (longest putt) holding Alysse, Daniel, Katie, Julia, Amanda, Sandi and Kindra.

Mike (2nd place winner) is superimposed as he had to go to work after playing golf.

Other winners that day include Coni & Chris (MindTrap), Scott (Trivia) and Sher (Trivia-2nd place). Lisa and Ernie won the egg toss and the girls whipped the boys in Trivial Pursuit!
Chris presenting Hank with the Winner's Trophy; Ernie presenting Lisa with the Tucker (I played like crap) Trophy, and Daniel presenting his brother Wes the the Junior Trophy! Congratulations to all!
The Blues Brothers playing Trivial Pursuit! Wes, Scott, Ernie and Jim.

Jill not being successful in the egg throwing contest (which was won by Lisa and Ernie!)