Pictures and News 2007
The Happy Couple! Dan & Jennifer Wilson!
The motley crew: Hank, Sandi, Scott, Sue, Nancy & Tom!
John Wayne (Gacy) at Calico Ghost Town!   Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona, Arizona!   The Pacific Ocean at LaJolle!
Sue and Scott's trip to Bryce Canyon!
Cowboy Hank & Barmaid Sandi in Sedona!
Chris & Katie on Prom Night!
JuJu relaxing in the hammock!
Wes & Daniel with Bubba Bear & Kid.
Katie, Chris & Daniel on Xtreme Skyflyer!
Click here to see more pictures of Zak's journey to Nigeria.
Daniel, Brent, and Wes playing together on a family hockey team!
Joe, Wes, Daniel and Will wearing the t-shirts they painted at Camp Grandma's. They all worked on one for Julia! Check the Camp Grandma's page for this year's journal and other documents.
The Pontiac Grand AM that Jill and Mike bought when Zak was 4 years old (at the same time Zak got his first two-wheeler) was Zak's car until he was 21. Since he got a new car, Joe wanted his old one. Jill suggested that Hank give Zak $1.00 so he could say he bought Joe his first car! This big event happened Sunday, September 30, 2007!
Tammy, Julia & I enjoyed Disney on Ice--Parade of Princesses on October 13th. Most all the girls wore princess outfits! We had a great time!

October 9th  was Senior Night for the Anderson High School girls's soccer team. Katie has played all four years on the varsity team. Congratulations, Katie!
Aunt Jerry (92) & Sandi
Brent, Mike & Scott on the Dodgems!
Zak's Trip to Nigeria
Father's Day at Kings Island
Katie, Chris & Daniel on Xtreme Skyflyer!
Sue & Scott's picture of Crater Lake on their trip with Scott's parents, Judy & Marty.
Sue & Scott's cruise ship in Alaska.
Alex & Lisa's Wedding!
Jennifer & Dan's Wedding and Shower!
The Happy Couple!

Lisa & Alex Buening!
Hank & Sandi's Trip to the Pacific & Back!
Scott & Tammy at a recent early Christmas Party for James Free Jewelers employees. The kids attended too!
Tom's new license plate for his Magnum. He had to get rid of his last one--Hly Crap!
Will and Julie on Halloween at Grandma
and Grandpa's!
Julie and Katie on Halloween at Grandma and Grandpa's!
Joe, Will and Julie on Halloween at home!
Michelle and Brad at their Annual Awards Meeting in Mt. Pleasant, MI!
Is this a two-headed dog or Kid and Bubba Bear just being close?
Scott's dot drawing of Roberto Clemente!
Wes and Daniel cleaning up leaves in our back yard!
Julia and Scott at her first "Father and Daughter Dance Friday night. She even had a corsage!
Joe, Wes, Hank, Will and Daniel Friday night after Hank took them to the Anderson-Turpin High School football tournament at Princeton. Katie & Chris went too!
Weekend of 11/16/07
Bradley just graduated from Leadership School! Way to go, Bradley! And thanks to his proud parents for sending the picture.

A Thanksgiving picture of our 'step-grandchildren!'
Will received the PRO Award as his school last month. This stands for People Respecting Others. Way to go, Will!
Each Thanksgiving evening, right before everybody leaves, the 'boys' bring up all our Christmas boxes and pile them in the living room so I can put up our tree and all our decorations the next day. Julia (standing on the couch behind the white box), declared that she was in her castle!
2007 Christmas Party
On December 15, 2007, we began a new tradition and award. I presented a keychain with fake dog poop to Brent for the following reason: When he, Mike and Scott painted the trim on our house recently, he told his Dad that the tree on the side of our house stunk and that we should cut it down. But he had stepped in the neighbor's dogs poop and kept going up and down the ladder, spreading the joy. Besides the keychain, he received a photo album with the card on the right plus a picture of the neighbor's dogs. There is also a journal for each presenter to write the next winner and why they deserve to win this award!
Nancy, Amanda & Tom on right.

Brent, Jim, Katie and Chris on left.

Chris, Coni, Alyssa and Amanda on lower left.