Pictures and News 2005
Jill received a big promotion at Deloitte in November. She is now Payroll Manager and will be overseeing two of their seven US Regions. Congratulations, Jill!
2005 Golf Outing
This year's Buening's golf outing was held on Saturday, August 13th! The trophy, designed last year by Chris which features Grandpa's pipe and Grandma's golf watch, was won by Brad! (Last year's champ was Bart!) Amy presented Coni with The Tucker Award. The trophy (above) states, YOU PLAYED LIKE CRAP THIS YEAR.
Sher is celebrating her 20th work anniversary at Walsh Manufacturing today, October 28th. Next week, she and Jim are being taken to a fancy restaurant. Congratulations, Sher!
Aly applied to the University of Akron and got accepted into the nursing program. It's the only school she wanted to go to. She starts classes next year. Congratulations, Aly!
The Tucker Award
  by Amy Ciofani
I won a contest on the radio today (9/1/05) and won dinner for two, tickets to a play, and hotel accomodations, thanks to the Tucker Award and Grandpa. They were looking for "the strangest thing purchased on EBay"; Well, when I told them (on air) that I purchased a port-a-pot model, they had to know why. I told them the whole story about Grandpa falling and Uncle Hank naming the toilet "the Tucker"; When I told them I used it for a golf trophy and what I had engraved on the plaque, they started laughing hysterically, started ringing a bell, and made me the winner instantly!!! Colleen heard me, she called me and asked me if I thought my Grandfather would like me talking about him the radio! I said that he would have laughed as hard as the disk jockeys did!!!!
Dad's K of C hat. Thanks, Sue!
Work News
Scott at Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Museum!
Tom's license plate that he lost in 2007!
Moose in Bradley & Valerie's front yard in Elmendorf AFT, Alaska!
Sher enjoying a Christmas ride!
Scott's baseball clock is visible in this Larry King newspaper photo. He was celebrating his 50th year in broadcasting.